Review: Over Us, Over You

Over Us, Over You Over Us, Over You by Whitney G.
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I'm gonna keep this short.
I've kinda stopped writing reviews unless I'm moved one way or another and this one, yeah it moved me but not in a good way.
What I liked: the hero and the heroine's brother. Total alpha dudes. Over protective males that overcame really bad odds at young ages and become BFF's.
What I didn't like: the heroine. The book starts off with her calling her brother for a rescue because her coffee shop business failed and she needs help. Not her brother giving business advice or helping her save the one that went under even though he's a huge business tycoon. Nope, she slinks back, he buys her a house and puts her up in a hotel; which BTW she turns her nose up. It's not until he forces his BFF to take her in as a roommate that she finally behaves. But as the ultimate slap in the face to her rescuer brother; to pay him back she becomes the worst intern ever at his company because she's sooooooo love struck with the hero BFF. Seriously I absolutely hated her. I thought she was a spoiled brat and couldn't see why these guys loved her so much except for family/loyalty.

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