Review: APOLLO RISING (The Apollo Saga Book 1) by Sage Arroway

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Allison Graves just wanted a simple life – a decent job, a nice apartment, and the occasional refuge from Apollo City, a harbor city on the eastern seaboard whose secrets are as dark as its impending winter storm. Allie’s weekend retreat to the Adirondacks should’ve have been relaxing. But when an accident on a treacherous mountain road results in caring for a strange man while snowed in at her grandmother’s cabin, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Miles from civilization, Allie and her new guest, Tyler, must learn to trust one another as she tries to unravel the mystery of his past, and he makes a startling confession—he’s a werewolf. Until now, Tyler had never met anyone who accepted him for what he was, and the undeniable attraction growing between them only makes dealing with his condition more challenging. Will his uncontrollable nature rip them apart before the storm passes, or will this new relationship lead them down a road that Allie has been resisting for years?

Apollo Rising is the first book in The Apollo Saga – a deeply suspenseful, contemporary story set in the fantasy world of Apollo City, filled with romance, real life and werewolves.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Allie decides to get away and stay at her family’s cabin in the mountains.  She tries to make it before the snow hits.  She has to stop along the way when she hits something with her jeep.  The author creates this situation where she hits a man and she can’t leave him there.  She must get him in her jeep and take him to the cabin with her. The plot thickens as she realizes his injuries are not all from the car, but he had been shot first. Even more shocking is how fast he heals.
Turns out Tyler is a werewolf and reveals his secret to her as the full moon causes him to change. Surprisingly Allie handles things like a champ which shocks Tyler.  In fact, the author creates a shocking situation which begins the book where Tyler has been captured and held against his will until he escapes.  After he spends time with Allie at the cabin, the people after Tyler find them both.
The beginning is shocking enough to draw you in and keep you reading. The way they meet is an interesting turn of events.  The poor guy is definitely having a bad day. Of course, she is a godsend as she takes care of him.  I even like how she feeds the crow that shows up on her doorstep.  It reveals the big heart she has.

The secrets the author reveals later are pretty shocking.  I didn’t see those coming.  The twists that are weaved throughout the storyline keep you reading.  The issues that are arising for the characters to deal with weren’t something they would have expected on either side.  Their shock is obvious as is the reader’s.  I wonder how the author will rectify these issues as time goes on.  New avenues the story could possibly go are sprinkled in and the last lines of the story leave the reader hanging.  It was an interesting read and I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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