Review: Lovely Shadows by Kendra Kilbour

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Jessa Grace's quiet small-town life is shaken when the ghost of Aidan Summers begins following her. Killed in a fiery car crash, Aidan isn't convinced his death was an accident: He believes he was murdered. Because she is the only one who can see him, Jessa agrees to help him find his killer if it means he can rest in peace and she can get her life back.
With the help of her best friend Billie Adams, Jessa and Aidan begin unraveling the mystery surrounding his death. Jessa soon realizes that so much more than Aidan's soul is at stake: her heart, and possibly her life, are on the line, complicating her otherwise perfect relationship with her boyfriend Levi Moore.
She knows she promised to help Aidan but is the price too high? Or is the risk worth it for the chance to experience the kind of love that transcends even death?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Jessa lives with her grandfather and brother in Kansas.  She secretly dates Levi Moore because her grandfather, the reverend, would disapprove.  She has decided to settle into the life she has always known.  She sees herself married to Levi as he works on the family farm.  Of course, the author shakes her life up a bit when a shadow appears.  Aidan enters her life and he is dead.  He was killed in a car accident and hasn’t crossed over as they say.  He was drawn to Jessa and is surprised when she realizes he is there.

Jessa decides to help Aidan find out what really happened to him.  They think that is what is left unfinished.  So, Jessa starts to obsess about this mystery and Aidan.  She develops feelings for him but is completely confused.  She has Levi.  The author truly plays up how torn she is and how it affects her.  Her feelings for Aidan are strong making her realize that her relationships with both Levi and Aidan are different but necessary.  The reader watches the whole thing unfold as Jessa collects clues and starts to unravel the mystery of what really happened that night.  The author presents several suspects and twists.  I wasn’t expecting what happened in the end, but it was completely plausible.  Unfortunately, the love triangle takes the expected turn and Jessa is left to deal with her feelings afterwards.  That was sad to read, and I felt for her heartbreak.  Overall it was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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