Review: Smokeless Fire (Fire Spirits Book 1) by Samantha Young

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New York Times Bestselling Author Samantha Young invites you to fear the heat...

When eighteen year old Ari Johnson is transported from her bedroom into the chilling realm of Mount Qaf — home to the terrifying and mercurial Jinn — she learns a truth that rocks her very world. Suddenly her anxiety over college and her broken friendship with Charlie seem inconsequential in comparison to the war she now finds herself in the middle of. Her unease isn’t lessened any by Jinn bodyguard, Jai Bitar, the brooding and far too good-looking guy intent on shadowing her every step. Not sure if she can trust him or anyone else, Ari feels more alone than ever.

And when blazing truth burns through her life determined to turn it to ashes, Ari will have to battle with ancient deadly creatures, epic family drama, and heart-wrenching romantic entanglements.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Ari lives with her father and has no idea who she truly is.  She is a normal teen at least she thinks so.  The author introduces this other world that she has no idea exists let alone is apart of.  The reader gets an introduction to Jai.  He is part of the Jinn world and her appointed guardian.  The author produces a lot of mystery in the beginning.  Ari has no idea Jai is guarding her.  She questions her sanity and the ghost activity in her house.  She is a great character.  She tries to do what is right.  Her loyalty is in the forefront of the story.  She tries to stand by Charlie even though he pushes her away, full of angst and guilt over his brother.
It was surprising to learn who she really is and why she needs protection.  There is a lot of intrigue.  I wasn’t quite sure what was really going on with the kings and the sultan.  You know there is more going on than the author is letting on.

Then Ari has conflicted feelings for Jai and Charlie.  It was fun to read about the interactions they have with each other.  There is definitely tension radiating from the characters as Jai explains Ari’s new world.  I do question the motivation of the kings, the sultan, and even Charlie.  Charlie is way too interested in the Jinn.  I felt sorry for Ari.  The life she knew is basically no more.  You can feel her heartbreak through the author’s words.  It was a good read.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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