Review: Supernova (The Supernova Saga Book 1) by Crystal Ward

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Evania Laylen’s existence had already been altered once. Little did she know her path was about to glow with a different light. Weeding through the chaos that rocked her life years prior, she struggled with the emptiness of a hollow seed while all the time secretly craving more. In the nick of time, destiny shows up in the form of Desmond Kane. He opens her eyes to the life she was born to live, but even Guardians grow from the soil before blooming. Thrust into a secret world of good versus evil, Evania must prepare her body for battle and learn to embrace the possible in a world of impossible.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Evania is the character of this story.  She has lost both her parents and basically retreated from life.  The only person she truly interacts with is Father Daniel, who saved her that fateful night.  She thinks constantly about joining her parents and resorts to pills to get her through her days.  Her life has dwindled into sitting on her back deck thinking about her own death.  However a strange man appears where the author assures the reader that Evania can’t really take her own life.
The reader learns along with Evania that she is special and enters a world she never knew existed.  Desmond Kane enters her life in an interesting way.  I like the scene the author writes about the first confrontation they have outside her house.  He is so irritating because he wouldn’t give her a straight answer to any of her questions except his name.  The whole relationship that follows is cryptic.  He can’t tell her much in turn means the reader doesn’t know much.  You become Evania’s shadow as she stumbles through the changes in her life.  She finds out she is in danger and has to go with Desmond.  She meets others like her, a guardian.  Throughout the story, the author throws surprising information at the reader and Evania.  You learn about each character’s story which leads them to where they are now. I also liked how they were paired as mates.  Evania is so clueless at first.  Then she is confused.  She still has a strong desire to be with her parents.  That was frustrating for me to read.  She refused to let go of the pain, even though she was offered a purpose and more people to care for her.  I truly wanted to shake her constantly as I read this.

Her mate turns out to be an interesting match and the things they have to do to make their relationship work is a bit unorthodox.  It is, however, original.  Evania comes through in the end, just as I hoped she would.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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