Review: Tarot's Kiss by Nichole Blackfinch

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Lucy Auburn never thought life would take her from schlepping paint at the local hardware store to reading tarot cards for celebrity clients. Then again, she also didn’t imagine that she’d inherit a house, a fortune, and a decades-old battle that could cost her everything--including her life.

When eighteen-year-old Lucy unexpectedly inherits a home, she discovers a series of letters alluding to peculiar events in her family’s history, letters drawing her to the mysterious world of tarot. She develops an uncanny ability to read the cards, but her new talent doesn’t go unnoticed; she draws the attention of Gavin, a sexy artist on a mission of his own, and of the Divinatory Guild of Savannah, an enigmatic organization with historical ties to Lucy’s family.

The Guild asks Lucy to find The Empress, an invaluable tarot card last believed to have been held by Lucy’s grandmother. With Gavin as her partner, she begins the hunt, hoping to unravel the secrets in her family’s past.

Now the search for The Empress has become deadly; Lucy's been threatened and her time is running out. She has only twenty-four hours, or the killings will continue...

In Tarot's Kiss, the main character conducts several tarot readings. These are included in the book for readers interested in learning the art of tarot reading while following the story.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Lucy lives with just her mom.  Her dad left them years ago to keep them safe.  Her grandmother lives down the road and is a big presence in her life.  On her eighteenth birthday she heads to her grandmother’s house for her ritual birthday surprise only to find her grandmother’s body and a strange man looming outside.  Lucy’s world is, from that moment, turned upside down.
Her grandmother had secrets about her life.  She has sewn secret letters into a quilt.  There were mention of a secret guild and tarot cards, reading fortunes and fears of Nathaniel.  Lucy is shocked and determined to learn all she can about what went on.  She buys some tarot cards and learns how to read them.  Her gift is strong.  It brings a strange boy to her door.  It also brings a big mystery about deaths of guild members and the cards from an Oracle deck of tarot cards.  The deeper she digs the more secrets she uncovers.  Her grandmother’s life starts to unfold.  When the empress card from the Oracle deck becomes the focus of a murderer, Lucy must choose her path carefully to save those she loves.
I actually liked this book.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was like nothing I’ve read before.  I know next to nothing about tarot cards and how they are read.  So, the story was fascinating.  The villain of the book wholly believed the cards could do the impossible and killed to try to gain them. 

Lucy is completely taken by surprise.  She has no clue about any of it.  I hate it when parents do that.  Withhold all information about family issues that come back and can affect your life later. It annoys me.  This author used it as the basis of her storyline which worked but Lucy would have been spared a lot of trauma and been more prepared for battle if she had information that both her mother and grandmother kept from her.  In that sense the story frustrated me, but the characters didn’t.  It is important for me to like the characters and to have them be strong and smart.  Lucy was young, but she was both.  The reader travels with her through her whole experience.  It was a good read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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