Spotlight: The Alder: Saga Curse of Heirs By Lucian Cromwell

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Confined to the life of a lowly mercenary by a threatening usurper of Alder’s crown, Rylan and his companions must survive by escorting nobles to a fallen citadel for relics of House Bassadora. Faced with seemingly endless challenges and the burden of discerning allies from enemies, Rylan and his band known as the Six Crows embark on a journey to the very heart of King’s Hold, all while concealed heirs fight to reclaim their lost thrones. As details about opposing forces and the lost heirs of Alder begin to surface, Rylan must choose between family, people he has never recognized, and his darkest secret. With help from a prominent soldier wielding the power of wind, a would-be hero and her uncontrollable flames, and an unlikely enemy turned ally, Rylan and his brothers will ignite the flames of revenge and once again plunge Thesia into a war for the crowns.

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Born in Southern California and raised in Middle Tennessee, Lucian Cromwell has spent his free time developing his early escape from bullying into a full blown passion. Mr. Cromwell traveled aboard during his early adulthood before finally calling the Space Coast in Florida his home. Creating new worlds and exploring the possibilities of school daydreams and adventures with lifelong friends, Lucian pursues not only to write a story worth reading, but to tell a history of a world of imagination and limitless possibility.

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