Review: Witch Song by Amber Argyle

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Brusenna is the last witch.

The others have all been imprisoned, their magical songs twisted from harmony and growth into chaos and death. With only her guardian by her side, Brusenna must free her fellow witches before their stolen magic destroys the world.

But freeing them won't be easy. The dark witch is cunning, cruel, and vastly more experienced. Brusenna must face magical storms, choking fog, and her own demons before she'd ever be ready to fight for the world that hates her.

With over 1,000 pages of adventure and romance, the acclaimed Witch Song Series will sweep you into a world brimming with magic.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Brusenna lives in the forest with her mother. Her mother’s teaching her the witch’s songs but they keep to themselves. Brusenna goes to the village only whenever they need supplies. The villagers know she is a witch and treat her horribly.  The only one who protects her is the sheriff.
When a strange woman enters town looking for her mother.  Brusenna’s life changes. The dark witch is growing stronger and capturing other witches.  Her mother needs to help.  Before Brusenna knows it, Hunters are coming for her and it seems she is the last witch. She is determined to save her mother and decides to start the quest to find her.  She is a timid character at first with absolutely no idea what she is getting herself into.  Her esteem is low, and her mother kept her hidden.  She gains a protection along the way and supporters who stand behind her hidden.  She is definitely resilient as she goes. I lost count of how many times she was caught be escaped with help.  It was hard to read at first because of how innocent and na├»ve she was.

I like the addition of Joshen. She truly needed some help even though she was afraid to take it.  It turned into an epic tale of right vs wrong. The hatred toward witches and who was really to blame.  Senna found friends in the strangest places to help.  Her heart remained pure and her mind ever thinking. I loved the ending where the creators make an appearance.  It seemed extremely fitting and Senna rose to challenge.  Her relationship with Joshen was sweet and his promise to protect her was never ending.  It was a good read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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