Review: Angel of Skye (MacPherson Clan series Book 1) by May McGoldrick

Book Blurb

From the wild shores of the Scotland's Western Isles to the bloody fields of France to the glittering courts of Europe, the Macpherson Series follows a family's fight for Scottish independence against the Tudor king, Henry VIII.

Nothing could hide her passion...
Fiona does not remember the years before she came to the priory on the Isle of Skye. Only the gentle Prioress knows the truth about the spirited, red-haired lass's true birth. So it is in a simple cowl and peasant's dress that she emerges from the island's mists and faces the famed warrior chief of the Highlands, Alec Macpherson.

Or stop his love...
Alec has served King James with his sword. Now he would give his very soul to protect this beautiful girl from the intrigue that swirls around her. But Fiona wants his heart as well, and willingly he gives it...even as the king's opponents are pushing her toward a deadly trap. For hidden in Fiona's memory is the face of her mother's killer and a secret that could topple the throne. And it will take Alec's Highland strengths pitted against a foe's cruel ambitions to prove, through blood and battle, which will reign--an army's might or the powerful passions of two lovers...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Fiona was five when she was taken, and her mother was murdered.  Her mother hiding proof of who was behind everything in the castle.  Everyone thinks they both perished.  Years later Fiona lives on the Island of Skye in the Priory.  No one knows who she really is not even her.  She cares for the lepers of the island and drives the prioress crazy.  However, the people think of her as an angel as she secretly administers to them hiding from the evil Laird.  Lord Alec Macpherson arrives on Skye taking over MacLeod lands after their evil laird is executed for his crimes.  He is the one who comes face to face with Fiona.  He is the appointed character that helps figure out who she really is and what truly happened that night.

Fiona is torn over her growing feelings for Alec. She is unworthy of a laird or, so she thinks.  Her true identity is shocking, and Alec panics a bit.  He refuses to lose her.  There will be many after her now and he must keep her safe.  I love how the whole story plays out.  The author offers up a suspect that really makes sense, but Alec offers another that makes less sense.  The reader is led into the direction Fiona goes until the very end when everything is revealed.  It was a great confrontation with lots of suspense.  The ending was sweet as Malcolm reenters the picture.  It ties up everything pretty neatly.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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