Review: Apollo's Gift (The Greek Gods Series Book 1) by Sandy Rowland

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The golden god, Apollo, will pay any price to win the heart of Cassandra, the reincarnated prophetess of ancient Troy. Even his soul.
Cassie Priam is licking her wounds, following her latest romantic disaster. To hell with love, it’s fiction and she’s done believing in myths.
A snare has been set and Apollo stepped into it when he wagered with Hades. Gaining Cassie’s love will be a herculean task. She refuses to believe he exists despite her attraction to his chiseled perfection. He’s a dream. The kind that keeps her up at night and invades her thoughts during the day. Why can’t a man like that be real?
But Cassie’s dreams veer into reality as visions of destruction threaten and Apollo appears in the flesh. Can Apollo and Cassie learn to love and believe in each other before the group,Hydra levels Athens, and they lose both their lives and their souls to Hades?
APOLLO’S GIFT is the first novel in the Greek Gods Series. The romantic fantasy centers on Olympian deity and their efforts to gain love while they save mortals from the threat of evil in the form of Hydra.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Cassie is the daughter of the Secretary of State.  Her mother is a doctor.  Cassie is a math nerd and a bit awkward socially.  In fact her love life is in a shambles.  None of her relationships work out for long.  The reason why is interesting.  The author creates this story where Cassie is actually Apollo’s Cassandra from the Trojan war.  He has been waiting for her and the time has come to claim her.  He has made a wager with Hades that he could win her love.  Cassie is shocked and angry.  She learns what links her father and Apollo will go to.

Cassie and Apollo are given a task to fulfill.  They have to accept each other and work together.  Cassie has to gain some courage and acceptance of her situation.  There are a lot of intrigue and betrayal.  You know Hades has a hand in what is going on.  In fact Zeus makes the situation even tougher.  Apollo has to realize what he is truly capable of.  I like how Cassie and Apollo team up.  It is a good pairing.  It was a light story even though there were dark subjects.  The writing didn’t really grab you and make you think.  This was a story for pure entertainment only.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

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