Review: Braced (Brody Brothers Book 2) by Stacy Gail

Book Blurb

I missed you, and I needed to see you again.

And that’s the last thing Lilah Ledbetter wants. She’s been down that road with Finian Brody, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let him hurt her again—no matter how hot he still makes her burn.

You deserve better, and I want the chance to give you better.

Epic truck sex should never be followed by a broken heart, but that’s exactly what Fin gave Lilah, all those months ago. Nudging her into a job at Green Rock Ranch is hardly the way to make amends, though her body doesn’t seem to get the message. 

Tell me you want me, Lilah. Say it.

Heaven help her, she does. Avoiding Fin when they’re working together is next to impossible. He’s still arrogant as hell, but there’s something different this time around.

He’s changed.

But so has she.

Feel all of me with all of you, sunshine, and know this is where you belong.

Fin might be sure they belong together, but Lilah will have to bury the past before giving Fin—and love—a second chance.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Lilah is an awesome character.  I instantly love her in the opening scenes as she tries to catch the goat.  It is easy to picture.  She is smart and determined to follow her dreams.  She works hard to make it happen.  However, she is a bit insecure when it comes to Fin Brody.  Once you learn about their history and the one night in particular, you understand why she feels that way.  She doesn’t want to deal with him at all.

I love how he shows up all of a sudden and makes it so she has to work at his stud farm.  She is not happy, and you can just feel it coming off the page.  Then he starts showing up everywhere.  So, when Lilah basically asks what the hell the first time, I’m right with her.  You try to see if there is some ulterior motive.  He truly has to chase her and earn her trust which frustrated him.  It made me smile to see the lengths he would go.  He was a true alpha male.  He was a bit bossy too.  I had to raise my eye brows in some places.  I don’t think I would have let him boss me around like he did Lilah.  Her reactions at times were comical.  It was a great read.  I would love to read more.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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