Review: Destiny Wears Spurs by Kari Lee Harmon

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One temperamental Colorado cowboy + one phony ad campaign + one quirky NY ad exec = one wild Rocky Mountain ride in Destiny Wears Spurs!

Monica Hammond—NY ad exec at Hammond’s Advertising Agency—will do anything to save her father’s company from her ex-fiancĂ©, but she never imagines that will involve working beside cowboys on a Colorado dude ranch. With the boss looking like the centerfold for a Hot Men of the West calendar, her slogans sound more like an advertisement for a singles' ranch than a family run operation. While Cody Rafferty—owner of Rafferty’s Remote Ranch—only agrees to need a phony ad campaign because he owes her father a favor and her crazy antics are making more work for him than it's worth, but he can't help rooting for the spunky little spitfire. Falling in lust is one thing, but falling in love isn’t part of the plan, only sometimes destiny has a mind of its own.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

A city girl comes to play cowgirl for the summer.  Monica is coming to save her father’s company from her ex-fiancĂ©.  She is so out of her league but is determined to win.  I like that aspect of her personality.  She is trying to do the right thing.  However, she came across as ditzy and dumb at times.  It didn’t mesh with what the author was trying to get the reader to believe.  Come on Monica is a smart and talented woman, there is no way she would be so inept at the chores that Cody gives her.  That irritated me.  I knew she was smart, and I hated the way the author presented her as an idiot at times.
Cody was more realistic.  His character was more aligned with what I’d expect with a true cowboy who lives the ranch life.  The other cowboys were a hoot to read about.  They game some comedic relief to the whole story of angst, broken hearts and betrayal.  The story had a fluffy air to it.  Meaning there wasn’t a lot of depth to it.  There could have been.  The potential was there.  It felt like Monica would take two steps forward in reaching her goal then become a complete idiot and slide backwards.  It drove me nuts.

I liked the storyline and believe the characters would have bee awesome.  I don’t think the author truly developed them very well.  Plus, I don’t like flighty female lead characters.  Monica was smart, let her be smart throughout the whole story, not only when she is in her element.  I give this story a 3 out of 5.

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