Review: Slumber by Samantha Young

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Molded by a tragic childhood nineteen-year-old Rogan finds it extremelydifficult to trust people. Now Haydyn, her best friend and the oneperson she does trust, is dying and only Rogan can save her.

Setting off on a journey to retrieve the plant that will cure Haydyn andsubsequently the ills that will befall them all if she dies, Rogan isstuck in close quarters with a protector she distrusts above all others.

Wolfe Stovia. The son of the man who destroyed Rogan's family.

At a constant battle of wills with the Captain of the Guard, Rogan knows their expedition will be fraught with tension. However, she neverimagined that the quest would be so dangerous, not least of all when shefinds herself falling for a man she could have sworn was her greatestenemy.

New Adult; Fantasy Romance. Recommended older readers as it contains mature situations and some strong language.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

The beginning of this story was devastating.  The reader instantly feels for the character.  Being young and losing everything she knows hits directly at the heart.  It truly sets the ground work for later.  So, she grows up and bonds with the new queen being the best of friends.
Rogan is tough and smart.  She had to be with the way her life has been.  She can’t stand Wolfe whose father ruined her life in the beginning.  She can’t stand to be in the same room with him.  It is fun to read.  The two are so hateful to each other that those around them become exasperated with them.  You can just see how everyone just wants to shake some sense into them both.  You completely understand Rogan’s feelings and her ideas of why Wolfe hate her are believable.
When Haydyn falls ill with the sleeping disease, Rogan has to go on a quest for the cure.  Guess who must go with her.  It is a fascinating journey as she is paired with Wolfe to protect her.  They must endure each other’s company, with is entertaining to read.  I truly like the tension.
As the storyline evolves, Rogan realizes she is clueless about the world outside her own kingdom. The quest really opens her eyes about how others live and what really needs to be done.  She is a fabulous character when it comes to accepting others.

It is sad to see how strong she is with everything except Wolfe.  Her fears really override any sense she might have in that situation.  However, he is persistent in showing her they are not enemies which adds a bit of personal interest.  It was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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