FREE BOOK Review: Jack and Djinn: The Houri Legends by Jasinda Wilder

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Miriam’s life is a hot mess. Ben won’t let her go and she knows she can’t take anymore. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow. But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her.

One night, Ben’s alcohol-fueled abuse explodes hotter than it ever has before, and Miriam isn’t sure she’ll survive it this time.

Then Miriam meets Jack. Sweet, handsome, brave, and totally unafraid of the strange and often scary things that have begun happening whenever Miriam’s emotions run high.

As things between Miriam and Jack heat up, so does Ben’s jealous rage, as well as the mysterious fire that seems to burn hotter and hotter inside Miriam. She quickly discovers two things: one, that she has a lot more power and strength hidden within herself than she’d ever imagined, and two, that Jack’s gentle, unwavering love can heal a lifetime of wounds and scars.

Will they survive to explore all that could be between them?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Miriam is in an abusive relationship, which was hard to read.  The author really shows how the character can feel helpless even invite new people into their lives.  Jack steps in to save her from Ben.  That is how they meet and there is an instant attraction.  Jack is smitten.  Miriam is torn but scared for Jack’s safety, besides she doesn’t deserve him.  This alone would be a good story; however, the author added a paranormal twist with Miriam having the emergence of these weird abilities.  Her skin gets hot and burns others.  I like that she has no clue what she is or where she would get it.  So, she is dealing with Ben and then the added fact she is a djinn.  Ben is a great character to hate and Jack is a great character to love.  Throw in a murder mystery being investigated by policeman Carson.  The reader can guess what happened until the author reveals all the details.

I also like how the book goes from then which is Miriam’s story to know which is Carson’s investigation.  It was a fascinating way to present the story.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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