Review: A Lady Under Siege by B.G. Preston

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Lady Sylvanne is trapped in her husband's castle, laid siege to by the powerful Lord Thomas of Gastoncoe. Thomas has demanded a private meeting with Sylvanne, but his intentions are a mystery. Meghan is a newly-single mom, under siege to the modern stresses of work, relationships, and parenting, exacerbated by the rowdy late-night parties of her good-timing neighbor Derek. In sleep, Meghan begins to dream Sylvanne's life, for reasons made clear only when the Lady is delivered into the presence of Lord Thomas... A Lady Under Siege is a fast-paced, complex and quirky story of courtly love, contemporary romance, and affairs of the heart that span the centuries. When lovers collide across time, a twelfth-century Lord can find life lessons in twenty-first-century pop songs, and a modern-day woman can find a champion in the most unlikely of places.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This book had an interesting storyline.  There are two people in present time interacting with each other.  Then two from the past and all of their lives are intertwined.
The author introduces you to Lady Sylvanne whose castle is laid siege to.  So medieval times are introduced first.  Then you jump to present time where Meghan is a single mom with Derek as a neighbor.  Sylvanne and Meghan are tied together and Meghan dreams of Sylvanne’s life.  So Sylvanne is taken to her enemy’s castle after the death of her husband and the siege is over.  She tries to do her duty to her husband.  I love how the things aren’t what she thought.  It confuses her more and causes her to question everything.

There were parts of the story that I liked, but most of it felt unconnected.  Derek and Meghan’s relationship was odd.  His character was too confusing to really like.  He also changed too quickly.  I didn’t like how the author presented them.  The chemistry wasn’t there for me and it was hard to believe.  Then with Meghan being connected and how she communicated grew old pretty quickly.  I would have went a difficult route with this storyline. I give it a 2 out of 5.

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