Review: Relatively Normal (Relativity Series Book 1) by Whitney Dineen

Book Blurb

Catriona Masterton's fiancé, Ethan, is Normal.

He plans trips six months in advance and arrives at the airport a minimum of three hours early. He purchases life insurance, luggage insurance, and always opts for the extended warranty. He's responsible, reliable, and would make any woman a wonderful life partner.

In other words, he's the exact opposite of the Masterton clan.

Cat's mother has a kitchen gadget fetish, a father whose best friends are taxidermied field mice, and a super stoner man-child brother who lives--where else?--in the basement. Then there's Nan, her proud Scottish grandmother with a proclivity for profanity and mischief.

What on earth will Catriona's Normal fiancé think when he comes home with her to meet her parents? What will he think when he discovers his soon-to-be in-laws invited Cat's ex to join them for a holiday dinner?

Find out in a laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery, familial pandemonium, and love. A must read for fans of a true romantic comedy!

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Catriona is a party planner in New York.  She dates Ethan who she met at her best friend’s wedding.  He has not met her parents yet and Cat has been avoiding it until she can no longer do so.  Ethan and his parents plan to spend Thanksgiving with Cat’s family.  There is a reason she hasn’t brought Ethan home her parents are crazy.  Her brother still lives at home in the basement, smoking pot.  Her grandmother says whatever enters her mind.  They are quite a group.  The shock that Ethan gets is expected but he doesn’t handle it well.  They don’t make a good pairing as Cat thought.  She learns why later, and it makes sense.
Cat has been running from her family and her broken heart for years.  The author forces her to come home and reconnect with her family.  She even comes face to face with the boy who broke her heart.  He is now a man and the town doctor.

The situations that arise are comical and embarrassing.  Cat is thrown for a loop.  She thought her life was perfect until she was forced to really look at it and decide what she truly wants.  It was an interesting read.  It was a coming home story where the main character realizes what she truly wants.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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