Review: The Importance of Being Wild by J. J. Sorel

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I pretended I didn't notice him.
My ex had shattered my heart--and my confidence--when it came to men.
Especially scorching hot ones like the muscular inked man who walked into my bar and lingered at a photo of a motorbike I could all-too-easily imagine him straddling.
His gaze, then locked on mine with a bold and intrusive look that left no doubt that he wanted... no, he intended... to undress me. And God help me, I wanted him to, even though I was terrified.

When I let him in, pleasure blinded me--insatiable, toe-curling, guilty pleasure of the adults-only type. It was a second chance at love, and it seemed all my dreams had come true.
Then his ex turned up with a chilling secret that turned my dream into a nightmare. Suddenly, I hated him as much as I craved him.
I lost myself in Curtis, and he destroyed my trust.
But then, I also had a secret...


Soft and vulnerable one moment, and then defensive and feisty the next, Bonita Wild captivated me. She had curves that I wanted to spend a whole night savoring...the type to bring a man to his knees.
I never thought I could want so badly. Was it a twist of fate that I walked into her bar that day, or destiny?
Sure, I'd messed up, but now I'd been given a second chance. She was my soulmate.
She gave me everything--her trust, her body, and her heart.
Then a long-buried secret resurfaced, revealing a past I'd rather forget.
It looked as though I'd betrayed her...
Now I'll do anything to win her back.


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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This book had so much potential.  Bonnie had lived through a traumatic experience with her ex-husband and the death of her father.  The author has so much emotion to use that wasn’t.  Bonnie was such a flat character.  I was so disappointed.  She was so under written.  She was too detached from everything even when in her own head.  I didn’t believe it.
I had a hard time relating to the characters.  The author made them too unrealistic.  Her sister was a call girl, considering her childhood didn’t surprise me but come on.  It was a psychological time bomb.  They acted a bizarre type of normal.
Curtis’ family is totally dysfunctional.  No one deals with anything in this story.  It truly annoyed me.  I was disappointed that the author projected this view that the characters were “fine” when they truly weren’t.

I wish there had been the confrontation of pasts and feelings.  Show the reader how messy their lives really were and work to change it.  It was a detachment moving through the motions.  It was hard to believe the paring of the couples not enough displayed emotion.  This story had so much potential I felt the author didn’t do enough with it.  I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

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