Review: Must Love Kilts (The Ravenscraig Legacy Book 5) by Allie Mackay

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From dream to reality...

Margo Menlove adores everything Scottish. But when she wins a Highland vacation, she's disappointed by the whirlwind tourist trail she's taken on. She wants to experience the Scotland of warriors such as legendary Magnus MacBride. When she explores on her own, she picks up a beautiful stone on the shore - and awakens to the sight of MacBride himself in the heat of battle.

Magnus MacBride has seen many things while fighting the Viking hordes, but when a soaking-wet naked woman appears out of the surf, he is truly stunned. Even more stirring is the passion he hasn't allowed himself to feel in all the years he has lived only for vengeance. But giving in to his wild desire would place Margo in mortal danger - unless they stand together and fight for the love neither can endure without...

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Margo is obsessed with Scotland; except she lives in Pennsylvania.  She has never been there, but she is an expert.  Her friends pull together to help her win a trip to her dream destination.
Magnus MacBride is known as the Viking Slayer.  He is a legend that in Modern times is to be believed as a myth.  Margo finds him in a history book and the picture comes to life for her.  Magnus gets cursed by a witch who claims he will fall for a woman he can not find.  It set the stage for a time traveling storyline.  The author really presents Margo as a strong, compassionate woman who is unable to follow her dreams.  It seems the fates are giving her a hand.
I like how the interactions between Margo and Magnus start out as dream-like.  Margo believes she is dreaming and Magnus believes he is haunted.  It was fascinating to watch as the folklore of old met the ideas of modern time.  Poor Margo ends up being a pawn in a game of revenge when she travels back to Magnus’ time.  Her shock is pretty evident when she comes face to face with Magnus.  It was entertaining to read as Magnus comes to terms with Margo and how she got there.  His men are also interesting to watch as they struggle with her presence.

The battles with the Vikings are awesome.  The Scottish warriors are fierce fighters which is front and center as Margo and the reader negotiate throughout the storyline.  It was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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