Common Book Terms Toot's Uses

ARC - Advanced Readers Copy (usually means the book has not been released to the public yet and is given before the release date to select people to review).

YA - Young Adult book genre (meant for child and teen readers, usually very light on romance or has none at all. Focus is mainly story plot, setting and characters. Usually main characters are kids or teens as the heroes. There's a lot of crossover in the genre between UF and YA).

NA - New Adult book genre (Encompasses the transition between adolescence - a life stage often depicted in YA and true adulthood. Protagonists typically fall between the ages of 18 & 26. Basically it's YA with Adult content).

UF - Urban Fantasy book genre (supernatural creature tales set in the modern world. Main focus is on plot and action rather then romance. Primary characters including heroes are usually adults).

Fantasy - Fantasy book genre (a genre of fiction that uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting.).

PNR - Paranormal Romance book genre (involves supernatural creatures in a setting similar to our world, heavy on romance. Definitely a sub-set of Fantasy but with more modern-day creatures and less magic).

HR - Historical/Regency Romance book genre - Is a category of books in the romance genre taking place in very specific places and time periods (think Victorian England or the Scottish Highlands).

CR - Contemporary Romance book genre -Is a category of books in the romance genre usually taking place in modern times.

Exotika/Erotica - Adult/Erotica book genre (sexually explicit).

HEA - Happily Ever After

POV - Point Of View

TBR - To Be Read

SMEXY - Smart and Sexy

- These are just the most common. Doesn't mean we don't use or review others.

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