Toot's Rating System

5 books - Run out right now and get it! I love, love, loved it!! Why are you still reading this and not buying the book????

4 books - Add to your TBR pile, you'll probably enjoy it.

3 books - You may or may like it. It was OK for me, didn't love it but didn't hate it either.

2 books - I'd probably suggest skipping it and I'll tell you why in the review but usually for me it means that the story just sucked but had some redeeming qualities or there were too many issues of some sort that got in the way of the story (i.e. editing, grammar, continuity or even character issues). It could also be just something about the book totally and completely pissed me off *book Thirteen, I'm looking at you* or it was just plain boring. Some may still enjoy the book though *glancing at book Thirteen again*. To each his or her own.

1 book - It totally sucked and I wouldn't suggest even looking at the cover! In my opinion, it's not even worth using it to roast marshmallows.

- One thing I do want to say is, we write our reviews based on our experience with a book. We're not here to tear apart an authors work, nor do we care to. We read the book and tell you what we thought and whether we'd recommend it to read. The only time we will talk about editing,grammar and such, is if it gets in the way of the story. We feel that if we're reading along and we get thrown out of a story because we're trying to figure out what the author was talking about, that is an issue with our reading experience but other then that, we don't care about anything else. The books we read are fiction and are just stories being told. All we care about is how good a story is and what was our overall experience. Thank you for checkin' out our reviews! *steps off soapbox*

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