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Time Time by Penny Reid
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Time by Penny Reid is the last book in her Laws of Physics Series/Trilogy. This book is the conclusion to the story of Mona and Abram; the unlikely pairing of a physicist and a rock star. Now that they’ve worked out their feeling and decided that this relationship is meant to be, now comes the hard work. It’s Time for them to figure out how to make their chaotic lives mesh to get to the HEA they both desire.

I literally read this in one day. I was dying to find out how the story ended. Like spending the day at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it left me just as unsatisfied. The majority of the story was full and lush with story, but the ending was totally unsatisfying, and a bit rushed with a kinda lame epilogue. I felt like I paid this money expecting a big ending wrap up to a story that took 3 books to tell and was robbed of the quality ending I was hoping for. I almost feel as though there should be one more book, like I’m on book 3 of 4 but sadly I’m not. What I hate most in romance books is an ending that leaves me with more questions than answers and trust me, I had questions with Time.
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For all the smarts that Penny Reid injects into her stories, I felt that the fundamentals of a romance book that we look for as readers was just missing in the end. At the end of the day, we want a nice pretty bow on our stories that span 3 books. We want the confrontations for wrong doings. We want a HEA or a HFN. We want to know that “most” of the characters we grew to love have resolved “most” of the issues that were brought to light and we want to walk away satisfied that our time in this world that was created was worth it but sadly, for me, it just wasn’t. I think because I loved books 1 & 2 so much that book 3 was just a letdown.

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