2 Book Series Review: Endless & Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed) by Rachel Higginson

Book Blurb

Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed #3)
by Rachel Higginson

Eden Matthew's world is in shambles. Her grandfather viciously murdered, her twin brother held without magic, and her best friends imprisoned, all at the hands of the one man that was supposed to love her for eternity. She has been betrayed, and now she is being hunted by a king that wants her dead. Eden must pick up the pieces of her life and stand alone against the tyranny that threatens to destroy her world. Alone she must find a way to rebuild the Resistance, locate her missing parents, save her loved ones and take down the monarchy. Everything is against her, including forbidden feelings of a love that she thought was buried. She has declared war and now stands on the precipice of defeat. Losing is not an option however, and Eden must find a way to overcome her emotions, fight through her pain and restore the magic to her kingdom.

Fearless Magic is the third installment of The Star-Crossed Series.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Eden is left all alone with betrayal fresh in her heart. Her grandfather is dead, her brother and friends are being held in the prison in Romania. Eden makes her choice and sets out to find her parents. She ends up getting Jericho back and starts rebuilding the resistance. Her power was growing. Her focus was getting Avalon back.

They decide to kidnap Sebastian in order to make a statement. Sebastian is willing to go with her. She had already stolen his magic and so he made a deal with her. “I’ll tell you what you want to know if you just kill me”

As time went on Jericho and Eden travel to important places trying to accomplish her goals. Her feelings for Kiran seemed to be severed as he prepares to marry another. She looked to Jericho for guidance and support. Their relationship grew stronger and Eden began to believe she could move on.

Eden also figured out what the blue fog was capable of. She used it to help Kiran and Avalon. She was determined to do the right thing. She floundered most of the time and didn’t know what she was doing. She knew everything would be better once Avalon was back. She would do anything she could to save her brother, even sacrifice herself.

In this third book of the series, Eden’s strength comes to the forefront. She still doubts herself but she is doing what needs to be done. The adversity she has to face is hard and devastating. You feel sorry for her as she is faced with difficult choices.

Being new to the world she is thrust in doesn’t stop her. I like her character more and more as she grows with each book. She truly wishes to do the right thing in the end. The author is also continuing with the other characters. There are those you love and those you hate.

You can experience Eden’s hurt, confusion and heartbreak. The betrayal she has endured was almost real for the reader as you read through it. The situations that came after the fact were necessary to push the story along. The creativity that the author exudes in this book and the series is excellent. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Book Blurb

Endless Magic (Star-Crossed #4)
by Rachel Higginson

In the final installment of the Star-Crossed Series, we find Eden Matthews a prisoner in the very household she set out to destroy. She is without magic and engaged to the same boy who betrayed her and everyone she loves.

With her wedding looming on the horizon, conditions for her people continue to worsen and her goal of offering her kingdom freedom seems further away than ever.

Her brother is free however, and building a Rebellion that hopes to rescue her. Eden's parents are working with the Resistance and inside the Citadel Eden finds more allies than she thought possible.

However, there is more at stake for Eden than just an unwanted marriage. Her heart is on the line too, as she fights the pressures of palace life, the prejudice ingrained in her people and a seemingly unbeatable king.

Endless Magic is the fourth and final installment of the Star-Crossed Series.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In book four of the Star-Crossed series, Eden is a prisoner in the castle. Kiran keeps her locked in his bedroom. Without her magic she is a ghost of herself. Kiran and Sebastian try to change her mind in getting her powers back. Then Lucan forces her hand. He threatens the lives of the innocent prisoners. As a result she becomes his treasured prize he lives to show off.

Eden has to play the part of a lovesick fiancé. She will play her part perfectly even though she no longer loves Kiran. She can never forgive the betrayal Kiran committed when her grandfather was murdered by Lucan. She has moved on with Jericho. She refuses to be drawn in. Lucan continues to threaten innocent lives to keep her in line.

She fights for her people the best way she can. She and Avalon are buying their time preparing to defeat Lucan. Lucan grows more and more unstable and Eden knows the upcoming battle will not be easy. She has to make tough choices. She is fated to lose people close to her as she fights for the kingdom. Her path is set and she fights to stay on it.

I love this series. Eden and Kiran have been star crossed. They fell for each other but couldn’t be together. Eden didn’t know who she really was and Kiran is the prince.

Then sides were chosen and hearts were broken. Eden refused to forgive Kiran for anything he did to aid in Amory’s death and the capture of her brother. In this book Kiran works hard to earn Eden’s forgiveness and trust. He also tries to help Avalon secretly.

Eden fights her feelings. In fact she comes across as bratty and immature throughout most of the book. I rolled my eyes at her logic and her refusal to deal with things. She did have to play this dangerous game with Lucan. I wish she would have been willing to trust Kiran sooner. It would have helped her.

The author created a major doubt that good would win in this installment. It was a battle. However political intrigue was front and center in the book. The ending was sad for Eden. Too many lives were lost and Eden feels them all. Her battle is well worth reading. I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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