Review: Exposed (Captive #2) by Brighton Walsh (CR)

Book Blurb

In this sexy, suspenseful New Adult novel, a young woman hiding from her criminal past is taken captive by her ex-boyfriend, the ultimate bad boy.

Evie is about to embark on the perfect life. Beautiful, poised, and engaged to a rising business star, she fits the part of trophy wife perfectly, except for one thing: her entire identity is a lie. 

Five years ago she created a new identity for herself, but it all crashes back when something she witnessed years ago comes back to haunt her. Now she's in danger of losing more than her social status. 

Determined to protect the careful life she's built for herself, Evie doesn't want anything to do with Riley, the criminal for hire who broke her heart years ago. But Riley has other ideas. He's never forgotten Evie, and to protect her, he steals her away. Hidden from the world, sparks begin to fly as old memories resurface and their passion reignites.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Gage has left the Crew and living with Madison and going to Art school. Riley is still in Chicago and working for the Crew as an enforcer. He just finished a job when his brother Gage calls with that tone. Riley knows something is up. However he would have never guessed that his girlfriend, whom he thought was dead, is living in Minnesota. The leader of the Crew knows it too and is sending someone to take care of her. Riley has to get to her first.

He is completely shocked to learn she is alive and engaged to a lawyer. Her death is what pushed him farther into the Crew. His feelings of Betrayal toward Evie and his brother are strong, almost overwhelming. He has to get over it quickly in order to keep her safe.

They have to go into hiding and figure out what to do next. They grow closer as they dig for more evidence to get Max and the Crew to leave Evie alone. During that time Evie’s past comes back to haunt her. She actually opens up taking a leap of faith and tells Riley her deep and darkest secret.

Riley’s shock turns to anger and rage. Then the plan doesn’t go the way they wanted. Evie realizes how strong she really is and what Riley means to her.

I loved Gage and Madison’s story. It was great to read how they met and became a couple in extenuating circumstances. So when this book became available I jumped at it. I couldn’t wait to read Riley’s story. It was definitely darker. The issues that Evie dealt with were traumatic. I liked her character’s strength to keep going in her life.

Unfortunately she couldn’t out run anything and needed to finally deal with it. I also liked how she handled it at the end. She took it in the right direction and went forward. Awesome ending!

I thought the relationship Evie and Riley had was sweet. I loved the fact it started when they were sixteen. They worked well together and understood each other. The chemistry the author created for them was hot and fitting. There was romance, kidnapping, lying, running, criminal activity, redemption, freedom and true love. What’s not to like. An awesome story. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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