Review: Hard to Forget (Alpha's Heart #3) by Bella Jewel

Book Blurb

Delaney, a professional bodyguard, has spent years trying to prove herself in a male dominated industry. Now she's facing her greatest challenge yet.

Bad boy billionaire Jax Shields has made plenty of enemies on his climb to the top, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time has put his life at risk. Now he's putting his life in the hands of Delaney and her team. He demands the best in everything, and he doesn't think she has what it takes to protect him. He's also made it clear he'd rather have her on her back then covering his. Will Delaney be able to prove herself to the most arrogant—and devastatingly handsome—man she's ever met?

**Hard To Forget is a full-length standalone romance with a HEA**


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Delaney has worked hard to become a body guard. She has to take down her boss to prove she is ready to take on cases. Once she fully believes in herself and does exactly that, she becomes fully part of the team. She finally gets the chance at a big case.

She and Kyle are hired to protect Jaxon Shields. He is the owner of a hotel chain and was in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing a crime. He is working with the police to catch the criminals but needs extra protection in the meantime. He wants the best. Of course the best is not a woman in his mind. He doesn’t believe Laney can keep him safe.

Laney is constantly having to prove herself. She wants to do a good job. However she overdoes it and makes a mistake. Jax wants her gone but has no choice if he wants to use that agency. Laney continues to question herself but refuses to give up. When the time comes and she saves Jax’s life, she does her job perfectly. Jax is shocked and impressed. She saved his life and his attitude completely changes.

After that incident Laney and Jax grow closer, becoming friends. There is a lot of chemistry between them but Laney fights it. It is against the rules to have that type of a relationship with a client.

Things get dangerous quickly and threats are sent. Laney has to keep protecting Jax as more attempts are made on his life. Their relationship moves to another level and more help arrives to keep Jax safe. Everything comes to light as the police close in. Laney has to make a choice and use her instincts to get the job done keeping Jax alive.

This was a good book. I couldn’t put it down. In fact I read it in one day. There was a lot of action as the attempts were made on Jax’s life. Laney was right there doing her job. She was a kick ass character which drew me into the story immediately. I instantly loved her and rooted for her. She was climbing an up hill battle being a female body guard. She was feisty and tough. She handled Jax just fine. It was funny to see them interact in the beginning. He was such a jerk. You just wanted Laney to kick his ass and then do it again.

The story made a great turn when she proved herself. It was predictable but a good read nonetheless. The interaction between characters was interesting. Even though I could guess how everyone thought, it interested me how they reacted to what was going on and how things progressed. It was a great story. I love the ending. GO Laney!! I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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