Review & FREE BOOK: The Gallos: The Beginning (Men of Inked 0.5) by Chelle Bliss

Book Blurb

Never read the Men of Inked series? This is a great introduction to the series or an addition for current readers. -- This is a PREQUEL to Throttle Me --

This is a SHORT story featuring the entire Gallo family and told from Mr. & Mrs. Gallo's point of view.

The Gallos are a loving Italian family filled with alpha males and one sassy sister.

Each book in the series focuses on a different sibling.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

This is the beginning of the Men of Inked series. It introduces the family that owns the tattoo shop. This short story is written from Maria and Salvatore’s points of view. They are the parents of the main characters of the series.

In this introduction the reader meets Maria and Salvatore. They have five children: Anthony, Mike, Joe, Thomas and Izzy. Anthony is a tattoo artist at Inked a shop the siblings own together. He is also a musician. Mike does piercings at the shop. He also trains for championship bouts as a fighter. Joe, according to his mother, has a big heart and is loyal but has a love for motorcycles. He also has a protective nature that drives Izzy crazy. Thomas works undercover for the DEA, so their contact with him is limited. He is considered the enforcer of the family trying to keep everyone in line. Then, of course, there is Izzy. She is the only girl and the boys are her protectors. They constantly make it difficult for her to date. She also works at Inked.

This short story really gives you insight into the characters from their parents’ points of view. It lays a great foundation showing the type of love their children witnessed growing up. I love Salvatore and Maria.

They are still such in love now as they were when they were younger. Everyone should experience love like that and embrace how lucky they are. It is not necessary to read this short story to read the series but I recommend it to give you a fun view of the dynamics of the members of the Gallo family. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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