Review: Love Comes For Saint Patrick's Day (Mobile Mistletoe #2) by Jennifer Conner

Book Blurb

Zoe and her best friends make a pact to wear a Christmas mistletoe headband until a man kisses them. It worked for Kara, and Zoe’s next in line.

Now it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Zoe’s met handsome Irish businessman, Carrick Kelly, but can she lay her heart on the line for someone who may be gone in a few days. Her job depends on Carrick signing a contract with her advertising agency, but he doesn’t think much of her boss’s ideas.

Torn between growing feelings for Carrick and work commitments, will Zoe get a little luck of the Irish to help her make a decision?


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Zoe Grant works for an advertising agency and she is waiting to meet a client, the CEO of Celtic Leaf. Her agency is trying to woo them into the proposal her boss has come up with.

Zoe is surprised when she meets the CEO, Mr. Kelly, face to face. He was a lot younger than she expected, which throws her for a loop. Then everything goes wrong. They have no hotel room and she has to take them to her apartment.

Carrick Kelly made the trip to America in his father’s place. He brought his sister Aine. He is looking to expand his company in the American market. When he exits the plane and sees Zoe, he feels as if this will be a great trip.

He is attracted to Zoe and looks forward to learning more about her. He is fine with staying at her apartment and being driven around Seattle by her. As far as he is concerned all is well. Zoe is excited to share her ideas with Carrick for his company. She shares things that are not in the original agreement with her company. Carrick likes her ideas and it starts causing problems for her at work. Her boss gives her an ultimatum. She has to push her attraction and growing feelings aside, focusing only on the business side. Her job depends on it.

The storyline was a good one. Business client coming to town to make a deal with your agency. The two characters meet and there is an instant attraction. Zoe is a great character. She is a caring, smart woman trying to do the best job she can. She is instantly relatable and likable. Carrick is Irish and the perfect gentleman. He is completely understanding when things go wrong. He is sweet and worries about Zoe. He knows she is trying. He is an awesome character and definitely someone you would want to work with.

The story, however, is a bit fast. It happens over the time of about four days. It is a tad unrealistic for me to believe it. I would have liked to see the characters spend more time together. I would also have liked to get to know them better. I felt it was Hello, Nice to meet you- then we are a couple flying to Ireland. I read this in about an hour so there was not much to it. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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