FREE BOOK REVIEW: Hard Body Rock (Body Rock #1) by Nora Flite

Book Blurb

She thought she was stepping into fame. 

Meeting Drezden Halifax should have been a dream. But dreams are supposed to be sweet, fragile things that whisk you away. Not monsters crafted from hard fingers, gritty vocal cords and a voice so powerful it could tear my guts right out. 

Maybe my heart, too. 

Becoming the guitarist for Four and a Half Headstones was everything I needed. 
Too bad the band's lead singer is doing his best to ruin everything I am. 

He thought she would solve his troubles. 

Lola Cooper, god damn Lola Cooper. She was the perfect guitarist, fingers that could summon a sweet song or punch a chord. She's supposed to save my band, make us come out of this tour in one piece... 

But I just want to tear HER to pieces. 

No one should make me feel this way. One look at her, one smell, and I knew I'd have to have her. She does things to me that scare the shit out of me. Make me want to slam her on a wall and listen to her cries: eager or fearful, it doesn't matter. 

I'm a monster... 
And I don't even care.

New Adult Rockstar Romance. This is the first installment of the Body Rock Series. 25,000 words. 

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In book one of the Body Rock Series, Drezden and his bandmates form the band Four and a Half Headstones. After their guitarist messed up every song one night on stage, it was the last straw. Drez kicked him out. Now they were on tour and had two days to find a new guitarist with thick skin.

Lola is touring with her brother’s band, Barbed Fire, helping as a roadie. When Four Headstones need a new guitarist her brother Sean talks her into auditioning. When she gets picked as the new guitarist she is shocked. She is now touring and a member of her favorite band. However Drez overwhelms her. She has a hard time playing while he sings. He does something to her that she can’t control and it scares her.

Drez is fascinated with Lola but knows it will cause issues if he goes after her. He is determined to stay away, but it proves difficult when she constantly fills his thoughts. It is a losing battle.

This story immediately pulls you in to the drama of the band. The first scenes deal with Drezden punching Johnny, the guitarist, and kicking him out of the band. So I was instantly shocked at what was going on and totally intrigued. Then when Lola entered the story and you knew what the direction the author was going, you had to root for her. She is such a genuine character and seems so innocent even though her brother is in a band. Things move fast in this story. It stretches across a day’s time. I felt it was really getting good and then bam it was done. The author does a great job of leaving you wanting more, setting up for book two. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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