Review: The Arrangement 21: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward

The Arrangement 21: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement, 21)The Arrangement 21: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So as you might not know, there is an end in sight to this ends at 23. Why am I telling you this, because this is the book that shows there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It is the one that starts to set up the end. With that being said, it cannot be read as a stand alone and there are threads brought back in to the story that won't make sense if you haven't read the entire series from the beginning (i.e a reference to brooms and history with past characters). With that aside, why did I only rate it two stars, well because there wasn't much to the story. My kindle said it was roughly 122 pages but honestly aside from a sex scene that left me with more technical questions than anything else and some alternative plots being thought about in the heroine's head that the reader isn't privy to, not much else happens. Would I recommend spending yet another $2.99 on the book, probably not. It's so close to the end, you might want to wait for 22 & 23. Better yet, let me summarize the book for you to save you the money. So stop here if you don't want to know and want to waste your $2.99.

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