Review: The Quarter (The Quarter #1) by Olivia Leighton (PNR)

Book Blurb

Cardiac nurse April Clarke was in the WRONG bar in the French Quarter, but she didn't know it. Her friends had said Nicky's, but she heard Mickey's. She didn't think the smoky bar was their type of place, but she waited anyway - alone... 

Along comes Killian Donnelly. A gorgeous Irishman with a huge, dark secret and more power than she could ever imagine. April is instantly drawn to him... those piercing blue eyes, the alluring lilt of his Irish accent, and the slightly Gothic bad boy look... He was the sort of man she knew she needed to stay away from... handsome, dark, and dangerous. 

After Killian leaves suddenly, the night takes a horrifying turn that leaves April with more questions than answers... and Killian is at the center of it all.


Please Note: This paranormal shifter romance contains explicit love scenes and is intended for mature readers only.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

April Clarke is a nurse and finally gets a day off to meet up with her friends. She is early and decides to settle in for a drink. As she sits there a hot guy sits down next to her. His Irish accent is a complete turn on as he introduces himself as Killian Donnelly. He keeps April company until he spots someone leaving that shouldn’t be there. He promises to see her again.

Killian is the grand alpha of the gulf states. He spots Luc Lafitte from the Lafitte pack leaving the bar. Luc had attempted a coup. Luc would be the only reason Killian would leave April, his future mate, behind.

April later realizes she is in the wrong bar and walks to the intended meeting place. On her way she hears someone moan in immense pain. The nurse in her refuses to let someone suffer if she can help it. She finds a man hanging by barbed wire in an abandoned warehouse. She realizes as she gets him down that it is Killian. She is shocked as to why he is there. She is also stunned when he doesn’t need a hospital for his injuries. Then when he enlightens her as to why he was there and what he truly is, her life forever changes. She is drawn to him and he wants to claim her.

This story takes place in New Orleans and includes the paranormal plot of the Rougarou. The packs are united under the grand alpha, Killian. The Lafitte pack wants to upsurp Killian. The story leads into the ongoing battle between Killian and the outlawed pack. Killian is constantly locking for Luc. He will have to deal with the pack and its leader soon.

April meets him in a normal way, at a bar. I like how the author put them together. In fact I like April’s character a lot. She seems passionate and strong. She handled Killian’s secret quite well. She was open and accepting. It was a good short story setting the stage for more. The reader is now ready for the next installment in the series. It should be an interesting ride from here. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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