3 Book Review: Unleashed: A Highland Historical Trilogy (The MacLauchlans #1-3) by Kerrigan Byrne

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Meet the MacLauchlan Berserkers...

Roderick – He’s death for hire, cursed by a malicious enemy who left him unable to speak. She’s a refugee with a dangerous secret that could cost her life. Outnumbered by thousands, he’s fated to die in battle like so many Berserkers before him. Could the strength of their love defy destiny?

Connor – He’s a mercenary Laird who fears nothing but the darkness inside him. She’s a noble beauty, sold to the highest bidder. He mistakenly rescues her from a fate worse than death, but now she’s his captive. They must battle their pride and their explosive attraction to each other in order to defeat a common enemy who threatens the clan’s survival.

Finn – He’s a nameless bastard, stalking the Highlands bent on revenge and murder when he stumbles on an infant deserted in the snow.
She’s a desperate woman who’s lost everything, including her dignity. They are three of the world’s Unwanted. On a snowy Solstice night, their tale becomes one of blood and vengeance, of love, redemption, and forging the bonds that make a family.

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Book Review- Unspoken by Kerrigan Byrne

In this first Highland Historical Novella, Evelyn Woodhouse possessed the sight. She saw the upcoming battle and how it ended. The Berserker, Roderick, has been hired by the Stewarts to help on their side.

Evelyn is thrown in his path by everyone else’s wide berth and fear. He rescues her from the MacKay more than once. However she has seen his death and knows nothing can be done.

Yet as she gets to know him more she has to try and change fate. She can’t let the tender man she sees die without trying to help.

I really liked this story. It was well written and flowed beautifully. The love scenes were very sweet, sensual and soft. I liked Evelyn a lot as a character. She comes across as strong and fearless, yet very human. She was also very kind which made an irresistible combination.

Roderick’s inability to talk added to the sensuality of his character. He used body language and facial expressions. You don’t get to see his point of view until the morning of the battle, which intrigued me. Most of the story surrounds Evelyn. She accepts him for who and what he is. I wish the story was longer. I would have liked to read more about them. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Book Review- Unwilling by Kerrrigan Byrne

In this second Highland Historical Novella, Connor MacLauchlan has been hired by Rory MacKay to kill his brother Angus. An extreme measure needs to be done in order to save the MacKay clan.

Unfortunately Angus is not with the coach and men traveling to MacKay land. Connor dispenses with the men easily but comes face to face with Lindsey, Angus’ intended. His Berserker doesn’t kill her but claims her. Connor is livid. He doesn’t want a mate. Nothing is left to do but take her with him.

Lindsey is on her way to the MacKay. Her uncle is honoring the contract her father first made and Lindsey is furious. She has heard that the MacKay is brutal and vengeful. So when the group is attacked Lindsey comes face to face with a demon. She racks her brain trying to find what sin she has committed that would put her in this position. Then everything changes as the demon kidnaps her. She knows she is going to Hell.

In this story both characters are unwilling to be together. Connor is surly and doesn’t want the responsibility of a wife. I think it’s hilarious because the case is he really doesn’t know what to do to woo one.

Lindsey is furious the whole story. She doesn’t want to marry the one chose for her then she doesn’t want Connor because she didn’t get a say in any of it. She is probably my least favorite character through the story. I understand her anger and fear but Connor was definitely trying.

At times the author painted her as childish and immature. The good news was she came around at the end. She behaved like the strong woman she was. I definitely liked her better by the end of the story. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Book Review- Unwanted by Kerrigan Byrne

Finn is a Berserker and has been sent to kill Roderick and Connor MacLauchlan. On his way to their land, he comes across an abandoned infant. He can’t leave it there so he takes the crying child to his destination.

There he finds Rhona. She is a nurse that can feed the baby. She is alone after losing her husband and her own child. She helps Finn with the infant and invites him to stay the night in her home.

Rhona appeals to his Berserker and Finn finds he has feelings for the woman. Unfortunately his ordered quest is a dangerous one and he realizes he is being sent to his death. He can’t let himself get too attached to Rhona. He needs to keep her and the baby safe.

This is the third book in the series. There is an interesting twist in this story. The order is making decisions that aren’t necessarily good, which puts Finn on his course. I love the secrets that are revealed.

Rhona is a great character. She tries to do the right thing but also survive. I like her strength and her integrity. She has lost a lot in her life and continues doing her best in life. She seems a good match for Finn.

The author revisits the characters from the first two books. You get to see how they fare and what they are doing. I love that. The female characters are strong and very capable of dealing with their Berserker men.

The Berserker angle was new to me. I like new ways to incorporate a paranormal story. This does a great job. This is a great series overall and I like how the author ends it. It’s a well-rounded story that ties a lot together. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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