Review: Be Careful What You Witch for by Thomas Hoobler (YA)

Book Blurb

Magic is a tricky thing. Especially when it comes from an ancient book of spells that jumps off a shelf into Olivia’s hands. Bad news for the popular girls in her new school who don’t like Olivia. But hey–now she can get the attention of her crush who’s more interested in comic book superheroes. And when she finds out her aunt is a witch, she imagines all her problems are solved. Unfortunately, not quite–what she conjures up is trouble. And the only one who can help her is an 800-year-old woman.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Olivia is being sent to stay with her Aunt Tilda while her parents go to Egypt together to film a new movie. Olivia is excited to move to New York for the time being and have a normal life. However normal is not what Olivia got.

Olivia doesn’t want anyone to know who her parents are. She wants to blend in. She is instantly disliked by the popular crowd and hangs out with the outcasts. Everything changes when she meets a friend of her aunt’s, Eva. Eva can cast spells and is a practitioner just like her aunt Tilda. Unbeknownst to her, with help from Eva, Olivia casts a spell on a cute boy from school named Alex. He starts following her around and holding her hand. It draws a lot of attention to her. She doesn’t know what to do.

When she finds an old book in her aunt’s library everything gets crazy. Alex has crazy dreams, Olivia’s attempts to help her friends completely backfires and her English teacher disappears. Then the students find out who she really is. Things couldn’t get much worse could they?

At first I felt sorry for Olivia. Her mother isn’t very maternal and Olivia doesn’t seem to come from a happy home. She has had to deal with a lot concerning her parents. Instantly sympathy points are given with that information.

However once she gets to her aunt’s she kind of turns into a brat. She lets her anger and jealousy make her decisions and plays with something she has no idea about or what she is doing. I didn’t like how she treated a lot of people. You would’ve thought she’d been more mature considering her background. My sympathy dwindled as the story continued. By the end I really didn’t like her. The ending was ok. The story was not something I jump up and down for. I was just all right nothing that really excited me. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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