Review: Genesis (Soul Savers 0.5) by Kristie Cook

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Paranormal Romance by bestselling author Kristie Cook ** Mature Content ** Recommended for ages 16+ due to sexual situations and language

Discover how the Amadis began in this fascinating prequel to the award-winning Soul Savers Series!
While the land of Ancient Greece is plagued with mortals' wars, twins Cassandra and Jordan have lived more than a lifetime as outcasts. When their dying father divulges a secret that's been buried in his soul, his children come to opposite conclusions, launching them down two very different paths.

Jordan descends down a road of darkness and discovers the Daemoni, servants to Satan. His passion to gain their inhuman abilities, especially that of immortality, nearly consumes him, but when he thinks he's achieved his ultimate goal, he yearns for his sister to share in his power.

Cassandra, however, follows the path of healing and light. She cares for the wounded and dying on the battlefields, while praying for the end to such atrocities. But her brother is determined to bring her into the war of all ages - the one for human souls.

Whether you've already immersed yourself in the world of the Amadis through the main Soul Savers Series, or this is your initial foray into Cook's world, you'll find yourself addicted and wanting more until long past the last word.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Andrew is an angel who crossed over to save Zoe from dying at the hands of the demons’ minions. He’s punished by being forced to leave and live in the human world for two hundred years. He and Zoe have two children, Jordan and Cassandra. Both children take a different path. Cassandra follows light and love while Jordan takes a darker path.

Cassandra has a mission in life she is unaware of. She believes in one god and continues to live her life in peace helping others as she can. Her brother Jordan is determined to show her what she really is with fallen angel blood. The demons and ancients view her as weak and not a threat.

The battle between good and evil rages. Jordan and Cassandra play important parts as angels and demons fight for souls and control of the human world.

This is the beginning of a series written by this author called Soul Savers. I warn you there is a lot of talk about God. So if you don’t like stories that mention this subject you should probably skip it.

Cassandra is represented as light and her brother as dark. It comes across as a destiny of the ying and yang influence. Two both born on the same day to the same family taking different paths.

This story set the stage giving all the background information. If you read this first before the modern day story, you will know how things started. The idea of this book was interesting but I had a hard time diving into the story. It was incredibly predictable and neither main character really grabbed my attention. In other words, I had a hard time investing my emotions in them. The book, in my opinion, was just all right. Nothing extremely thrilling or gut grabbing. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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