Review: Ladies Man (Manwhore #3) by Katy Evans

Ladies Man by Katy Evans
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Alright, so let’s talk about Ladies Man by Katy Evans which is the 3rd book in her Manwhore series and probably epitomizes the title the best. The story at its heart is a “friends to lovers” with the buildup being 80% of the book (according to my kindle) but let’s break the story down for you without giving too much away.
The title is in reference to the hero Tahoe Roth who is one of the original Manwhore (books 1 & 2) BFF’s but is told strictly from the heroine’s POV, Regina (Gina) who is the ex-roommate of the original Manwhore’s heroine. So the story is the original characters BFF’s getting together, if that makes sense.
Tahoe and Gina met at the wedding of the original two characters and had an instant connection. Tahoe had offered a “one-night stand” kinda thing but Gina told him she wasn’t into that kinda arrangement and was a relationship kinda girl. The two agreed to strike up a friendship which quickly turned into their own version of BFF’s.
Like I said previously Tahoe is the epitome of a Manwhore. He has numerous girls every night warming his bed and Gina has walked in on him numerous times. Ever since the wedding and her refusal, he’s all she thinks about. She craves him like a drug and regrets the turn-down. For the next year, the tables turn. She literally throws herself at him and he refuses until she decides to move on with another man. And so goes the roller coaster of friends to lover’s story. Each character has a reason for their behavior and it isn’t till they overcome their own issues that they can finally come together.
I loved this story and it gripped me from the beginning, not because I knew the characters from the previous books but because it was a good read. Even though the premise isn’t unique, the setting, characters, backstory and situations were. I literally gobbled it up in one day!
Now for what I didn’t like, first, the pacing. Like I said, 80% of it was the buildup and 20% was sunshine and roses (you get me). The ending was too quick for me and left me a bit unsatisfied. Also some chapters were a page long whereas others were quite long, basically to show time jumps which helped speed along being in the heroine’s head but we’ll get to that next. Let me just add, I would have loved an epilogue or something to round it out but I’m sure we’ll get a follow up with the next book in the Manwhore series. Lastly, let’s get back to the POV. There were times that I was as frustrated as the characters with the virtual tennis match going on in the heroine’s head – does he, doesn’t he, does she, doesn’t she? I think it worked for the most part but I found myself continually asking what the male characters were thinking and if I could make one suggestion, it would have been to slide in their POV every once in a while. The story didn’t need a dual POV but maybe just a peek into their heads during some of the events would have added to the story greatly along with an extra 50 pages to balance out the story to ending ratio.
All in all, I still loved it, would recommend it and will hug it and name it Charlie!

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