Review: Phoenix Awakens (The Phoenix #1) by Eliza Nolan

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A paranormal debut about a high school senior who finds herself in a fight with a secret society for control of ancient magic.

Julia never believed in magic.

Julia Long is starting her senior year with an extra dose of crazy. The dreams of cultish, bloody rituals are weird enough, but the victim in her lifelike dreams is her new classmate, Southern charmer Graham.

Graham admits he was a Phoenix — part of a centuries old secret society — but swears he left it all behind. As Julia works with Graham to figure out why she is dreaming about his past, she's discovering she has other abilities. She heals Graham’s migraines with a touch, and there’s her superhuman strength that comes and goes. Julia doesn’t know where her new talents come from, but there’s no denying that when Graham is near, her powers kick into overdrive.

But the Phoenix Society wants Graham back. They need his blood to awaken the magic they seek, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Can Julia uncover the truth behind her connection to Graham? How far will Julia go in order to save Graham and stop the Phoenixes from harnessing this powerful magic?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Julia Long lives with her father and attends West High. Most of her group of friends have all transferred to Como Alternative School. Julia and her best friend, Samantha, have made a pact to stick it out at West for their senior year. Julia and Samantha have been friends for years. In fact Julia feels most comfortable telling Samantha about the strange dreams she has been having.

One day two new students arrive, two siblings from South Carolina, Graham and Clara. There is a mysterious reason they left their old school. Neither one of them is talking and Julia starts dreaming of them. Something weird is going on and Julia’s life begins to change.

She also starts dreaming of a woman named Ayden who claims to be her guide. She only appears in dreams and Julia has no clue if she is a part of this or just her mind conjuring up a woman who looks like her absent mother.

When everything changes, Julia doesn’t know who to turn to. Secrets are kept of who she really is. A betrayal rips apart her heart and strange occurrences strike fear as Julia tries to find the answers.

This book was very interesting. It kept me reading and I had a hard time putting it down. I instantly liked the Julia and Samantha combination. They are both individuals and seem happy as themselves.

Clara and Graham are also great characters shrouded in mystery. The author gives you glimpses of what is going through Julia’s dreams. That part of the story is a bit creepy. Julia dreams vividly about Clara and Graham, then of more people she has never met. Strange things start occurring which keep you reading and the story gets even more mysterious.

I love the paranormal aspect of Julia’s life. She has no clue so the reader learns along with her. You feel the full effect of her emotions and thoughts. The ending is full of Julia learning what and who she is and trying to save those most important to her. Great read and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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