Review: Solstice Surrender by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Book Blurb

A man of mysterious powers.
A woman who fights her destiny.
On mid-winter’s eve she must decide.

When her SIA partner and lover is killed on assignment, Jenna hides away in Banff, Canada for the Christmas season to lick her wounds in private. When she forces a rude stranger to dump coffee in his own lap just by thinking about it, Jenna is tipped into a shadowy world hidden to most humans.

Rhys Cellyn knows that dangerous, powerful world intimately. He helps Jenna avoid the many enemies who now want her for her fast-developing powers, while Jenna struggles to accept the truth about her true fate, her growing feelings for Rhys and their twined destinies.

Time is against her, for she must make a choice and the future of the world is at stake...if she can only keep Rhys and herself alive until the moment of the winter solstice.

Warning: This book is an erotic paranormal romance. It contains frequent graphic sexual scenes and sexual language. Do not proceed if sexy heroes receiving their due reward offends you.
Lots of bad guys were harmed during the making of this novel.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Jenna MacDonald is sitting in a café when she witnesses a man yelling at and treating the woman with him horribly. Jenna urges the woman to dump her coffee on him, secretly in her thoughts. Eventually she does. Jenna decides to leave during the commotion when she spots a strange man staring at her from the table by the door. Then another strange man guides her out of the café. He drags her running away from the first man she saw. Her instincts and training kick in as they flee and disguise themselves. The man is familiar to her but she has no idea why.

Rhys Cellyn knows exactly why he seems familiar. They are bonding. He has finally found her, the woman he left his homeland for. He sensed her then lost her. Now he can’t believe that he has finally found her. Her powers are strong and he must protect her until the Solstice. He knows that the enemy will strike right before to stop the bond.

Jenna has a hard time believing that she has powers and is bonding with this strange man who saved her. She has no idea what it all means or why she is being hunted. She trusts Rhys to tell her the truth and keep her safe.

This book was interesting. I like the soul mate idea. How Rhys has been searching for Jenna and finally finds her. I also like the idea how the Solstice plays a big part in her powers and their bonding.

However, there were parts of the book that were confusing. I wish there was more information on the battle between the two groups. Rhys didn’t really share much and I was pretty surprised. I began to lose interest. The story seemed to turn into more and more sex scenes instead of plot. Thankfully the ending had a battle scene or I probably would have stopped reading it all together. Not my favorite book. I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

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