Review: The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Problem with Forever The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not gonna rehash the blurb about The Problem With Forever by JLA but I will give you a quick synopsis in my words. It’s about two kids (a boy, Rider and a girl, Mallory) in the “system” who end up at a foster house with a real life monster. The boy, protects the girl as best he can until the day comes that they are separated by tragedy when the authorities step in. The two end up on different paths in life but collide again when they end up going to the same high school. The connection that was there in childhood snaps back into place and the two, although very damaged by their past, have no issues reconnecting again. As they navigate the choppy waters of high school together, the two also work on fixing the damage done in their childhood with the help of each other. Of course like most angsty teens, the adults don’t understand that not all scars can be seen and only their other half/friend/soul mate understands *eye roll*.
Ok so with that over, yes, it’s full of angst and drama. Yes, it’s a YA/NA with all the internal dialog you can handle from the girls’ POV. Yes, it has a HFN (happily for now). Yes, it has a “moral of the story” kinda ending and is full of rah, rah, rah life sucks but with the power of love, you will pull through. Is it well written, hellz yeah! Is it for everyone, maybe, maybe not? Would I recommend it, yes?
My thoughts – I liked it. It was really loooooonnnnnngggggg for all the angst/drama. I loved the hero more than the heroine and wished we got more time with him and even a POV. I’d have liked an epilogue further in the future, not just a few weeks but a few years, like after college or into adulthood. I got tons of questions which I would have liked answers too - like - are they still together? is there kids? did they graduate? what jobs did they end up with in life? what happened to their friends? what happened to the monster? but nit picking aside, I liked it for what it was.

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