Review: Last Heartbreak by H.M. Ward & Melanie Bussière

Last Heartbreak Last Heartbreak by H.M. Ward
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ok so why only two stars? well I'll tell you but let me tell you first, the synopsis for what the book is about is far from what the story actually is.

This is a sweet NA about a socialite who's the only daughter of one of the most power families around and they make her do despicable things in order for the family to remain on top. When all seems lost, a man who's been looking out for her all along, reaches out and saves her (literally). He's a waiter, she's an heiress - should be the beginning to a wonderful story, right? *shrugs* Yes and no. The two become secret friends along with a sweet little girl until the socialite's family finds out, then all hell breaks loose. Unfortunately, this is where the story looses me. There is a HEA but I was left with more questions then answers. To be perfectly honest, once I finished the book, I looked it up again waiting for there to me more books to come like this was a series or something rather then a standalone but it's not. Seriously for me, the book ended on more of a cliffy then a well rounded, start to finish, romance.

*scratches head* It literally just ended abruptly with lots of loose ends. Story plots that were sown but never flowered and lots of just useless trails that lead no where.

If you don't want spoilers, stop here because I gotta get these questions out.

1. What happened to her family? She went up against them. Made their family secrets public but then there's no news or repercussions?

2. What was the point of her mother cutting up her clothes besides getting rid of the black/goth look? Seemed like unnecessary drama except to show her mother was a bitch but there was really no reason for why she couldn't wear black beside it was too dark. Was mom getting her ready to seduce another person or what?

3. I don't get the whole Steven thing. Again it was unnecessary except to get her closer to politics but why? and to have her work as his secretary? Wouldn't any sane person or news reporter worth his salt, report that the heiress, with more money then God, be suspicious working as a lowly secretary? So weird and again pointless to the overall story.

4. Along those same lines, so she caught Steven with a hooker and it was some good dirt but she remained in her station?? Again just didn't make sense.

5. She stated over and over that she couldn't go to therapy because people would know but when she looses Parker, she magically just goes. Again, makes no sense to her previous statements. 

6. When she discovers Parker is Graham, he says "let me explain" but when they end up getting back together, he never really explains why he never came clean. He skirts around it but gives some weak ass answers.

7. I didn't get the ending. I mean I did but I didn't. Less then 24 hours after she wins him back, they do that? All is forgiven. He's not pissed beyond belief. He doesn't push back, just accepts it's all good now?

8. Is she disinherited or what? The paps only stay where she's in public. No one is following her or trying to get the real story? Ugggggggg - I give up!

9. Her BFF was in love with her, wrote notes and when she kicks her to the curb, that's it? Just, I caught you, the jig is up chick, go away? 

10. Parker is so smart he could have gone to MIT and when they are back together and she has more money then God for the moment, why not encourage him to go back to school. Offer to help with scholarships or to pay. Let him follow his dreams now?

Dude I could totally keep going but I'll just leave it here.
On to the next!

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