Review: Three, two, one by JA Huss

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*mind blown*


Omigod this book, THIS BOOK!!!

Three, two, one by JA Huss is not your typical romance. It's not your typical threesome romance. It's not a typical HEA. Nothing about this book can be pigeonholed or compared.

To start, the heroes are multimillionaire-porn mogul/stars-BFF-womanizers who are hiding so many secrets from themselves and each other that no one can tell truth from lie anymore. The heroine is not much better. She’s found by our heroes under an awning in the rain, half-baked and willing to do anything for some money to get away. Of course our heroes take advantage but what they eventually uncover about the girl will change all of their lives forever.

Didn’t I say, this was not your typical story, well the characters aren't either. No wine and roses here. One is broken beyond repair, two are undercover trying to right some wrongs, all three are in love.

"One lost girl. Two best friends. Three eternal soulmates."

This story had so many twists and turns that I didn't see coming and the ending had me in tears. I seriously cried in the bathroom so hubby wouldn’t ask me about it because how do you explain?

Omigod this book, THIS BOOK!!!

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