Review: A Walk in the Sun by Michelle Zink

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In this Bridges of Madison County for teens, Michelle Zink weaves a magnetic tale about summer love that stays with you long after the seasons change.

Rose Darrow never wanted to spend her life working on her family’s farm. But when her family is rocked by an unexpected tragedy she has no choice but to put her plans for the future—and dreams of escaping her small town—on hold.

Bodhi Lowell left home as a kid and hasn’t looked back. Years of working farm jobs has given him the one thing he wants most: freedom to travel without answering to anyone. He’s already looking past his job at Darrow Farm and plans on leaving in September—until he meets Rose.

Neither Rose nor Bodhi can deny the sparks flying between them, but with the end of summer looming, they must decide if it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all....

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Rose Darrow gets up every morning early to care for the animals on her family farm.  Since her mother died her father has retreated into himself and rarely gets out of bed.  The work has fallen to Rose.  In fact it is overwhelming to her.  Her aunt has hired someone for the summer to help Rose.
Bodhi has walked across the country from Montana to New York where the Darrow farm is.  He plans to spend the summer working on the Darrow farm then he is going to Europe for a fresh start.
When he gets to Milford he is surprised how nice the people are and how concerned for Rose they are.  Then the farm was nothing like his expectations.  It is intimate and loved.  Rose and her father have lost a lot.  Rose has buried her pain and taken over the farm afraid to really live her life.  Her father has sunk deeper into his depression.
Bodhi has his own secrets but does what he can to help Rose.  He decides to help her live.  She fights him every step of the way.  Then his past makes an appearance and reality comes crashing in.
This book started pretty heavily with the result of the death of Rose’s mother.  Sadness, depression and duty were in the forefront of the storyline.  The reader feels for Rose.  Her loss is present and the tone is set.
Bodhi comes in and presents a bit of hope to the reader and then to Rose as the story progresses.  I loved how he treated her.  His patience and understanding were definitely a ray of light in an otherwise sad story.

I like Rose and Bodhi together.  The author created a sweet love story.  It was a realistic story that could happen to any family in any small town.  The emotions were believable as were the fearful reactions of moving on with life after such a great loss.  Great story with strong emotions.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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