Review: The Accidental Boyfriend by Maggie Dallen

Book Blurb

What do you do when Mr. Right seems oh-so-wrong?

Holly Sinclair is ready to have it all. She's even found her Mr. Right--a steady, reliable guy who just needs a little convincing. Now all the former wild child has to do is free herself of her very inconvenient attraction to Jack Everett. Not only does the notorious playboy and tabloid king seduce her at her sister's wedding, he follows her to Paris! Suddenly, Holly is alone with Jack in the most romantic city in the world--and his family is leaping to the wrong conclusions…

The world's most infamous bachelor has finally met his match. If Jack was the type to settle down, Holly would be the woman of his dreams. There's just one hitch: Holly actually believes she wants to marry Mr. Oh-So-Boring. Intent on proving that she deserves someone better, Jack finds himself playing the role of the perfect boyfriend…a little too well. If he's not careful, he might just lose this game--and his heart.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Holly wants to settle down and be stable.  She believes her best friend Benjamin is the man for her.  He doesn’t seem to be inclined to jump in that direction anytime soon.  So Holly decides to take matters into her own hands.  She follows him to Paris.
Jack can’t get Holly out of his mind.  He volunteers to go the Paris to find her.  It doesn’t take long to find her.  She is shocked to see him and is confused about why he is here.  They both believe they left the other behind previously.  Now they are staying in the same penthouse and give into the sexual tension between them.  However Holly wants stability, a family and a husband.  Jack can’t do commitment.  Of course feelings get involved and dreams aren’t always what they seem.
This book was just alright for me.  I didn’t like Holly at all.  She tried to make Benjamin love her.  She was such a wild spirit, it was totally unbelievable that she would settle for someone like him.  I liked her bravery to go where she wanted and do what she wanted.  Then she kind of lost herself.

I liked Jack and Holly as a couple but couldn’t really connect with them.  Holly annoyed me too much.  It was hard to get passed her flightiness.  Jack was more real to me.  He was broken a bit where family issues made him doubt himself.  He is the reason I was able to finish the book.  I wanted to see what he did.  I give this book a 3 out of 5.

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