Review: Forever Wicked (Wicked Lovers #7.75) by Shayla Black

Forever Wicked (1001 Dark Nights, #1; Wicked Lovers, #7.75)Forever Wicked by Shayla Black
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I love me some Shayla Black but this one frustrated the hell out of me. Gia married her billionaire BDSM Dom and less the 24 hours later she went MIA. She ran away because her brother died, his wife went into a depression and Gia decides to take on her brother's family; yet she has a supposed huge Catholic Italian family but she's the only one who basically steps up and has to put her life on hold to care for a catatonic widow with 3 kids all the while try to find the cop killer all on her own, oh and in the process she decides to abandon her new husband for no apparent reason because she believes he couldn't understand the new situation with her family?

Here's my issues with this story and pardon my rambling but when I'm hyped up on cold meds and frustrated with a story, it happens:

1. No huge tight knit family I know could and would let the burden of caring for a depressed, newly widowed, new mom fall onto one family member. Let alone one who is a cop with a full-time job. I would think the family would step up and try to help as well. Even just offer to babysit and if we overlook that weirdness, no one has noticed that their daughter has moved in with the daughter-in-law and basically has now become the mother to all 4 of them now and taken on the financial responsibility as well. I could go on and on about the holes in this family situation and how it's just not realistic but I digress.....

2. Gia as a character was a whiney, out of control woman, who was so full of contradictions that I ended up just hating her as a woman. Shayla makes a point to let us know how generous she is, how down to earth she is and that she's a po-po but yet when push comes to shove, she's a doormat submissive who has no faith in her new husband/Dom or even her family. She basically makes herself out to be a martyr because *hand to forehead* no one would understand or want to help. Seriously!?!

3. Jason, the husband/Dom wasn't much better. He waits an entire year before he tries to really track her down. Sure he texted, emailed and stalked her but it isn’t till she cancels her dungeon dues that he really takes charge and when he does finally find his wayward bride, does he serve her divorce papers? Nope! When she spills her guts about what happened, he decides to bribe her with money to come back for 3 weeks to prove that they belong together. Dude seriously? You are worth more than that! Not just because you're a sexy billionaire Dom but because you have self-value. If she can abandon you like she did without even an explanation for an entire year, you as a human being of worth, deserve better. She chose to take off without an explanation, cut all ties, not even return a text or phone call, she even moved out of her apartment and never gave him the courtesy of a “You know what new hubby? Crap happens and I have no faith in you, so I’m moving on. My family is more important and they need me, not you. Have a nice life!”

Nope he figures money will solve everything and get him his bride for a few weeks. Does he offer to help the situation? Nope. He says he would have coped and helped but does he step up like a good Dom/hubby and prove that he can do what she feared he couldn't? Nope again. He just pays for people to take care of the home situation while they have their 3 weeks of possibilities. He’s just as selfish as her but in a different way.

My advice due to the ridiculousness of the characters, their actions and the story……skip it!

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