Review: Summer of Supernovas by Darcy Woods

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Fans of Jennifer E. Smith and Jenny Han will fall in love with this heartfelt and humor-laced debut following one girl’s race to find the guy of her cosmic dreams.

When zodiac-obsessed teen Wilamena Carlisle discovers a planetary alignment that won’t repeat for a decade, she’s forced to tackle her greatest astrological fear: The Fifth House—relationships and love.

But when Wil falls for a sensitive guitar player hailing from the wrong side of the astrology chart, she must decide whether a cosmically doomed love is worth rejecting her dead mother’s legacy and the very system she’s faithfully followed through a lifetime of unfailing belief.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Wil Carlisle is in a panic.  According to her astrological chart she has a month to find her soulmate or wait for ten years.  She is determined to find him now.  She enlists her friend Irina to help.  Wil knows she can’t go against her promise to her mom and fall for a Pisces.  She retreats to her favorite place to think, the water tower.  Unfortunately Grant Walker thinks she is going to jump and rushes to her rescue.  He being afraid of heights causes more problems than helped.  With the fire and rescue squad looking on, Wil and Grant descend from the tower. 
After that fiasco Wil and Irina arm themselves with Wil’s astrological match requirements and hit the club that Grant invited her to.  Wil goes on the search and asks any guy she sees what his birthday is.  In the process she comes face to face with someone who seems familiar but she can’t place him.  He gives up his stool for her to sit.  He turns out to be Grant’s brother, Seth.  He also reveals that he has the right birthday.  Wil is sure she has found the right guy.
However she has instant chemistry with Grant but he doesn’t have the correct sign.  So she is determined to remain friends with him as she turns her attention toward his brother.  It proves difficult to fight the attraction they have to each other.  She eventually realizes that what she has planned won’t work.  Then when a shocking secret is revealed, she almost loses everything.
This story started off with a bang.  I loved the situation that Wil finds herself in.  I immediately thought she was awesome.  Interesting characters that are happy being themselves are some of my favorites.  She came across as one of the nicest people.
The only negative thing I could find was her total dependence on her chart and her promise to her mother.  She ends up having to choose between two awesome boys.  What a tortured situation where someone was going to get hurt.

I also liked the big secret at the end.  It kind of came out of nowhere.  It completely throws Wil.  The author does a good job of shaking Wil up enough to reach for happiness.  Great read with awesome characters.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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