Review: Out of the Dark (Forbidden Love #1) by Danielle James

Book Blurb

Angel Knight never knew anything was missing from his life. Not until one fateful night when he met her. She was fiery, beautiful, and he knew he had to make her his.
Breanna Hunt lived a normal life until rock star Angel Knight walked into her life. He made her a job offer that she just couldn't refuse, but could she keep herself safe from his charms?
Angel does everything he could to make Breanna accept him as her mate, but with a rouge vampire starts killing people associated with Angel it isn't easy. When the killer sets their sights on Brea, all bets are off.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In the first book of the Forbidden Love series, Angel and his band, Angel Knight, just finished their year-long tour.  The group of vampires stop at Rhino’s for dinner afterwards.  Brea is their server and she catches Angel’s eye.  Angel decides to hire her to help with the party he is to throw for the vampire coven leaders.
Brea is hesitant but can’t pass up the money.  It would pay her bills for a couple of months.  She is nervous to be around vampires.  However they treat her with respect and she grows more comfortable with them.  Her feelings for Angel are growing.  There is an attraction there and she is slowly embracing it.
Unfortunately there is a killer on the loose killing women that have attended an Angel Knight concert.  Someone has their sights set on Angel.  Brea may end up right in the middle.
I liked this storyline.  The werewolves and vampires lived out in the open which was intriguing.  I also liked the band of characters.  It was fun to read how they teased each other, protecting each other.  There was more to them than just rock stars.
Keelie was a great character.  I liked how tough she was as a werewolf.  Brea, on the other hand, wasn’t my favorite character.  She was very immature at times.  She was also too moody.  Didn’t really care for her during most of the story.  Her judgmental, temperamental behavior annoyed me.  Once she finally accepted her role, I began to like her more. 

The story of intrigue and a fight for power.  There is murder and psychic warfare.  It pretty much keeps things moving well.  I like the book just not Brea as well as I would have liked.  However I still give it a 4 out of 5.

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