Review: Snow's Lament by S.E. Babin

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Trapped on Earth thanks to Snow’s wicked stepmother, the gang is going stir crazy. Just when they think they can’t catch a break, Rumple shows up and offers his assistance. But everyone knows Rumple isn’t the altruistic sort. Suspicious, but out of ideas, Snow accepts his offer of help to get back home, only to find herself face to face with Max, her once upon a time lover. And he no longer looks so friendly.

Thrust headfirst into danger and betrayal, Snow and the gang will have to form unlikely alliances with ancient enemies in order to take down Naomi. But that isn’t all. Naomi has closed the portals with magic, trapping them, and choking off access to all the different realms, leaving Snow's people destitute.

This is the moment when Snow will have to embrace her unknown powers in order to break the powerful spell cast upon the realms. Who can she trust when everything she knows changes? Sometimes fairytales don’t have happy endings. Snow is hell-bent on making sure this one does.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Belle, Snow and Cinderella have been trapped at home for weeks with Robin.  They have been searching for a way to open the portals.  Nothing is working and information is not available.  The only thing mentioned was the Chronicler’s Gem which Snow has.  Just as they might unlock the gem, Rumplestilskin shows up stopping them.  He agrees to help them back to the Enchanted Forest looking for the Chronicler, Simeon.  He drops them right into Naomi’s clutches.  He takes Cyndi and disappears.  Belle, Robin and Snow come face to face with Naomi and Max.  Snow has to ask Maleficent for help yet again.
The battle gets worse as Max loses himself completely to Naomi.  Snow can’t let him kill innocents in Naomi’s name.  Snow knows she has to choose her kingdom and people instead of herself.  Maleficent also reveals secrets about Belle that could change the game.  Snow has a plan to get inside the castle but is stopped momentarily by Merlin.  He has a favor to ask as Snow confronts Naomi.  Let the battle begin.
I read the first book in this series and really liked it.  Snow is a bad-ass.  I loved her instantly.  She is surrounded by Belle and Cinderella which are awesome characters themselves.  The story continues in this book as Snow takes on Naomi for her kingdom.  There is suspense at every turn.  Snow doesn’t know who to trust.  I was always guessing at who was actually on Snow’s side.  The author raised questions about Max.  More was going on than Snow or the reader even realized.

Then Merlin is added to the mix.  Several shocking secrets are revealed.  I was surprised at most of them.  The author definitely kept me on my toes.  I wonder how the story is going to continue.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  This is a great read.  I give this one a 4 out of 5.  

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