FREE BOOK Review: Rippler (Ripple, #1) by Cidney Swanson

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Discovering she can turn invisible terrifies Samantha, especially when she learns a geneticist who murdered her mom wants her too. Handsome Will Baker offers help and secrecy, but soon Sam will have to choose between keeping her secrets and keeping Will in her life. Suspenseful and romantic, Rippler and its sequels capture the collision of the beautiful with the dark.

Two further sequels form a complete trilogy. Four additional books in series for those who fall in love with the Ripple world and want even more!

RIPPLER is the free first book in a teen and young adult paranormal fantasy series set in a contemporary world where invisibility has long been a well kept secret. It combines the heart pounding action of a thriller with a touch of clean romance and a science fiction twist.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Sam runs cross country and on a team bonding trip almost reveals her secret.  She can disappear.  The only one who seems to figure it out is Will, a fellow runner.  It turns out that Will knows a lot.  He explains Sam is what he calls a Rippler.  There are all these scientific experiments being carried out for as long as since World War II.
Sam’s life is now in possible danger.  Secrets are being revealed as she learns why she ripples and how to control it.  Will and his sister seem to be right in the middle of everything and try to help Sam as she learns the truth.
This book was an interesting one.  The rippling was a unique idea.  Reading as Sam and Will explored these abilities was fascinating. Plus I truly liked them together.  Their budding relationship was cute.
However the experiments were disturbing.  I hated reading what was done and how.  It was sad.  The author created believable scenarios which makes the story have a darker edge.

There is a hint of torture and a good idea of how bad the people are who are involved.  You feel for Sam and Will.  Things get serious fast.  It was a pretty good read.  You aren’t quite sure who is behind everything.  I definitely want to see what happens next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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