Review: Fairytale (Fairies of Rush #1) by Maggie Shayne

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Book One of Two in the Fairies of Rush duet, FAIRYTALE is a sexy, sensual fantasy romance novel. Not for children, very much an adult book. Not erotica, just good old fashioned steamy fantasy romance.

Brigit Malone can paint anything she sees, and uses that skill to get herself and her best friend, homeless Razor Face Malone off the streets. Then an old enemy kidnaps Raze and demands Brigit forge a privately owned painting, switch the fake for the original, and deliver it.

That painting is the prize possession of Adam Reid, who once glimpsed the fantastical images it holds in a childhood memory he now considers a hallucination.

But the images in the painting are actually a message from the twin sister Brigit doesn’t know she has; a message calling her back to the enchanted kingdom of Rush, where the two half-fay twins are destined to put down the usurping Dark Prince Tristan and restore peace to their homeland far, far away.

A fairytale for grown up girls!

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Adam finds his way into Rush when he is seven.  The fairy he meets not only shows him the way out but what his future holds.  When he is an adult he has convinced himself, with his father’s help, that it was all a dream.
Brigit is raised in an orphanage after her sister is adopted.  She has the Sister Mary Agnes read her a handwritten book every night.  She loves hearing the fairytale of the two princesses.  She barely escapes a fire and lives the rest of her childhood on the streets with a homeless man.
It is now time for both sisters to reunite and return to Rush.
As time goes by Brigit doubts that she even has a sister.  She lived on the street with Raze and was pulled into an art theft ring.  She left that life and owns a flower shop.  She was hoping to leave that life behind.  When she comes face to face with Adam, she immediately knows who he is.  She sees his pain and refuses to follow through with the plan.  Unfortunately she ends up having no choice. 
Her destiny is set and Adam knows it.  He has a job to do and knows he will lose everything in the end.  He has seen it.
I had a difficult time getting into this story.  I usually love this author but I couldn’t relate at all to these characters.  Adam was so bitter and angry that I couldn’t really get to the point of liking him.   About the time the story was over my opinion of him finally changed.

Brigit was a mess and a half.  She refused to see the truth because of what she feared.  She came across as a weak character to me.  I couldn’t support her or root for her as the story evolved.  I didn’t like how she handled things.  The ending was the first time I agreed with her actions.  So I was a bit disappointed in the story.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

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