ARC Review: Brutal Game (Flynn and Laurel #2) by Cara McKenna

Brutal Game Brutal Game by Cara McKenna
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Alright, so let’s talk Brutal Game by Cara McKenna which is the follow up book to her outstanding, unconventional erotica Willing Victim.

First, let me just say, Willing Victim was absolutely ground breaking for me and is still up there in my top 10 books of all time and for a book blogger, that’s saying something. Cara’s erotic romances are unlike any author I have ever come across. Her characters are always very unique and she writes them with such detail that they just come alive. No matter the subject, you can always see the characters’ perspective and understand the situation on an emotional level (which we all know is very important in an erotic romance otherwise it would be just porn).

Willing Victim came out in 2010 and was an instant hit because of the unique subject matter and characters and Brutal Game is the long awaited follow up. So let me give you a bit of background on Willing Victim because then Brutal Game will make a lot more sense.

In Willing Victim, we met Flynn. Michael Flynn is a Construction Worker by day and an underground fighter by night. He’s a Boston Southie through and through. He’s a family man, loves his sister and niece, pays his taxes, works hard and keeps his nose clean. On the surface, he’s the average joe but what the world doesn’t know is that Flynn has some very dark kinks. Flynn likes sex that runs towards rape roleplay. The women in his bed are always willing and it’s always consensual (he does not get off on non-consensual sex) but he does like to be the aggressor in the bedroom. He likes it to be dark, menacing and aggressive. If the woman is all for that, he’s in like Flynn! – ha, see what I did there??? I’m so cute *grin*

Anywho, enter our heroine Laurel. She’s a girl with a plan. She has a degree and knows where she’s going or thought she did until she veered off course. Now she’s a waitress and is a bit adrift in life until she sees Flynn and ooooh boy does she want him! Even when the two spark a romance and Flynn describes to Laurel in graphic detail what he likes in the bedroom, she still can’t get enough of this Boston brute. So then what happens when you become a willing victim?

Brutal Game picks up about 8 months after Willing Victim left off. Laurel and Flynn have found a rhythm to their new found relationship and have even kicked it up a notch. Laurel really likes this roleplaying thing of Flynn’s but feels it needs a narrative, LOL. The two couldn’t be more at ease in and out of the bedroom but like any good romance book, things can’t always be sunshine and roses. Real life needs to rear its ugly head sometime and this is one fugly SOB! Just like Flynn’s bedroom preferences, this book gets real, raw and sometimes it can even be a bit brutal. There is no mercy, even when you beg because begging just makes it worse but just like Flynn, Cara knows how to walk that fine line to keep you turning the pages.

THIS IS THE EROTICA CARA MCKENNA WRITES!!! It is always unique. it is always real. it is always so gritty you can feel it in between your toes but best of all…... it is always full of heart and hope with characters you will never, ever, ever forget.

5 full circle stars!!!

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