FREE BOOK Review: Star Struck (Star Kissed #1) by Jamie Campbell

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Melrose Morgan was your typical teenager, flipping burgers and surviving high school the best she could. Yet all that changed after a chance encounter took her face to face with the world’s biggest superstar.

Living every girl’s fantasy, Melrose falls for one fifth of the most successful boy bands on the planet, Cole Newton. He invites her on a date and she can’t help but fall in love with her idol.

But in a world that is full of shining stars, can one small town girl really capture the heart of a supernova? Find out in the first installment of the Star Kissed series.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In this novella, Melrose Morgan works at Burger Nation.  She has to work the day shift in order to go to the concert for Two Dimension.  It’s her favorite band and a big deal for her town.  She can’t wait.
Her best friend Dallas stops by to get her to leave work.  She wants Melrose to go hang out at the hotel. Melrose can’t go and is glad she didn’t.  She has a special guest encounter with a shocking person.  He stays with her for an hour then leaves.  She can’t believe what happens and refuses to tell anyone.  She wants to hold the memory close.
When she gets to the concert everything changes.  She and friend Dallas get pulled on stage. She is the envy of every girl at the concert as Cole Newton sings to her.  Before it’s over a phone number is given and a request to call.  She has the best day of her life with the boy of her dreams.  She hopes she doesn’t wake up anytime soon.
This story was a fast read.  I read it in about an hour.  It is a pretty fast paced story line, every teenage girl’s fantasy.  Cole and Melrose meet and hit it off quickly.  The author moves things along as the story spans over a week’s time.

I honestly thought that the characters were younger than sixteen.  The language seemed younger as did their thoughts.  The writing seemed rushed.  Making Melrose and Dallas come across as immature.  I liked the premise of the story and the whole fairytale idea.  I think it would have been better if the story was longer and could develop a bit more.  Something was missing.  It showed only the surface.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

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