Renegade Dragon (Dragon Heat #4) by Lolita Lopez

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When her best friend disappears, bio-engineering student Eris Jones embarks on the quest of her life. Her search leads to a secluded estate where she experiences visions of a powerful, winged creature who's transformed into a tall, dangerously sexy man at her touch. But the feel of his rock-hard abs and lean, sinewy arms tells Eris this is no dream . . . it's real.

Niko Drakon is dangerous and he knows it. When the call to mate is too strong, he has no choice but to lock himself away in his basement saferoom. Otherwise, people get hurt. The moment Eris walks into his home, nothing can keep him from claiming her. However, she could also be the key to bringing down the dragons' greatest enemy, which leaves Niko with a devastating choice: keep Eris for himself or lose her to the cause he's served for most of his life . . .

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Nico Drakon is trapped in his basement trying to withstand the drugs he was given.  When a female approaches his estate he is alarmed.  He has a tenuous control on his dragon and with the drugs pumping in his blood he fears what could happen.  He has no clue who she is or what she wants.  He tracks her actions as she walks through his house.  Danger sets in when she approaches the sacred tree and picks an apple.  His vow to protect the tree overrides his human side.  The woman is now his target.
His dragon goes after her.  Eris runs when she sees the monster coming for her.  She can’t believe she is seeing a dragon.  He catches her as she fights to get away.  When the dragon turns back into Nico, Eris is completely shocked.  Nico is also shocked when he realizes who this woman really is.  He has to persuade her to stay as the Knights are closing in.
I like this series and this story was a fast read.  Eris was tough and smart.  I liked her instantly.  She breaks into Nico’s house.  She definitely has nerves of steel.  Once Nico understands who she is the story heats up.  The relationship they have is fast and hot.

When the Knights interrupt their time together, the suspense is kicked up a notch.  I wish there was more of it. They meet, discover who they really are and then get attacked.  I know the series will continue but I feel this one was really short.  I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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