Review: Believe (The Brightside #3) by Katie Delahanty

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My name is Amanda Conrad and I. Am. A doctor.

When my cousin Liv whisked me away to South Africa to be maid of honor in her super-secret celebrity wedding, I was about to begin a five-year residency at NYU and was on my way to becoming a plastic surgeon. My plans definitely did not include a rock-star best man sweeping me off my feet.

But what happened in South Africa needed to stay there—he’d return to his touring and I’d start my residency, with our fond memories of a whirlwind, fairy-tale week. But now nothing feels right—I’m questioning my once solid plans, and I can’t stop thinking about him. Our lives are so different… Am I ready to risk everything I’ve worked for since I was thirteen—and put my heart on the line? To dream bigger than I ever thought possible? To believe I can have it all? That’s the thing about growing up...sometimes you have to be brave enough to redefine happily ever after.

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Amanda Conrad is a doctor and has travelled to South America to attend the top secret wedding between best friend and cousin Liv to rock star Berkeley Dalton.  She is about to start her residency in New York hoping to gain the spot in plastics.  She decides to have fun at the wedding and give into her attraction to Mark, Berkeley’s bandmate.  Once the wedding is over she plans are to be back on track to becoming a doctor, her dream.
Unfortunately she has mixed feelings about Mark when the time comes to say good-bye.  She needs to focus on her path and talks herself out of any feelings she may have had.  Besides Mark isn’t acting as if he feels the same.  Everything is for the best.
Amanda, or Boots, isn’t so sure when she starts her residency.  It’s a lot harder than she thought.  When she loses her first patient she really has to re-evaluate what she is capable of doing.  She also re-evaluates her feelings for Mark.  She can’t seem to get past them.  She goes home for a break and decides the best way to get perspective is to get some distance.  She accepts the invitation to go on tour with Coconut Teasers.
Unfortunately just as things seem to be going right Boots’ insecurities take over.  Her dreams start crashing around her as she has to make tough choices about where to go now.
I love this series. I have read them all so far.  The romance between Berkeley and Liv is one of my favorites.  So I was ecstatic to read Boots’ story.  The author did not disappoint.  The rock and roll lifestyle clashing with the life of a resident doctor.  The worlds were completely different.  Boots had to have tremendous drive and focus to reach where she was.  I loved how the author invited us into her struggle to do what she always dreamed of doing.  Same with Mark.  He was following his dream of being a front man for his own band.  Their struggle was not easy and it had very realistic roadblocks thrown at them.

Their attraction was pretty instant.  Their feelings were sweet and complicated.  The story was full of fear, insecurities, misunderstandings, determination, focus and drive.  It was a great read and I loved both characters.  The ending was extremely satisfying to read.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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